Mumbai. A real “City of Dreams” with people having big hearts.

We all know how the power of kindness can create a positive impact on us and others. Unfortunately, in this chaotic world, staying in a rat race is considered normal. And stepping out of it is labeled as stupidity. 

But what this Mumbai couple is doing selflessly for their cook and her paralyzed husband will warm your heart. 

Ashwini and her husband Ankush

On October 2, which marks Gandhiji’s birth anniversary, a resident of Mumbai, Deepali Bhatia, was going around in the city in search of good food and she spotted a stall just outside the Kandivali Station. 

What looked odd to her was a couple from a well-to-do Gujarati family was selling fresh and hot Pohas, Upama, Parathas, Idli and other food items on the street side.

After tasting some of the food items from the menu, Deepali asked the couple how did they end up selling food on the road. In response to what they said, says Deepali, One of my most inspiring Acts of Kindness”. 

The Facebook post has already garnered 27k reactions and about 3.6k users have commented till now. Also, it has already been shared more than 9.5k times.

Ashwini Shenoy and her husband Ankush were selling the food items so that they can help their 55- year-old cook and her paralyzed husband.

The duo told Deepali that they work from 4 am till 9:30 am to sell these food items before going to their respective corporate jobs. Both are MBAs and they just wanted to help their maid financially. 

This couple shows the world that when we have the right intent, we can do way more than what we think we are capable of doing for a greater good.

Not all heroes wear capes. This couple is one of them.