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People are happily taking a plunge in social media and speaking their heart out. Even though there is a trend to share everything on social media and letting people know everything about self in maximum possible detail, and caution and privacy happens to fly out of the window, thankfully, there are people who make the online world look like a hub of interesting stories.

If you are bored of people whose social media posts say “got stuck in traffic” or “going to sleep”- there are loads of interesting facts about people that you can check out in your spare time. A Twitter user @mhoye posted- “OK Twitter. It’s late but let’s see if we can make this interesting: what is the least plausible story about yourself that’s true?

The answers that poured in, well check out for yourself! They are unexpectedly brilliant, funny and bizarre!

1. The strange reason why people got arrested

2. Beyond logic and reasoning! Here is a genius

3. When animals work like GPS

4. Reminiscing about a 1985 interrogation, a guy mentioned

There are serious ones too, don’t freak out!

The list of fascinating stories can go on and you can browse through the original page on Twitter and keep scrolling! Even though you will lose few hours of your life, you will hardly regret it.