Self-care has been getting a lot of attention recently and for a good reason. Being careful about what you eat and knowing yourself are the best ways to keep your self healthy, both mentally and physically. A lot of social media personalities have become more aware of this trend, so it’s not uncommon to see influencers advocating for detailed skincare routines and staying hydrated.

If you’re looking to uplift your life and take better care of yourself, here are some tips that will help you get started:

1. Know what you eat

The first and most important rule of self-care: be a more mindful eater. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t treat yourself with your fave fast food or some cookies, but in order to be healthy and fit, it’s necessary to take care of what you eat to some degree. For example, eating breakfast every morning will be beneficial to your health, while eating a light dinner will definitely help you feel full throughout the night without disturbing your sleep. So, instead of counting calories and trying on fad dieting, it’s better to make your regular diet as diverse as possible, so make sure to add enough vitamins, proteins, iron, calcium, and healthy fats so you’ll feel satisfied and full.

2. Embrace routines

Routines can be very helpful — whether it’s skincare or haircare routine — they are sure to make you more dedicated without adding stress to your life. Many people can’t commit to skincare, exercise or haircare routines because they often feel they don’t have enough time. But, in order to embrace routines, you need to change your mindset a bit: instead of feeling apathetic, you should see the positives that come out of being mindful of the way you look and feel, and you’ll definitely feel more motivated to start your own self-care routines.

3. Don’t forget your eyes

We do often take our eyes for granted, which is a mistake, for sure. Think about all the things you are able to do thanks to your eyesight. Therefore, it’s important to go to an ophthalmologist for eye exams so you could be sure that everything’s fine. Similarly, whenever you’re using a screened device, make sure your eyes are protected from the aggressive screen light. If you’re wearing contacts, you need to make sure they’re always up to date. Additionally, wearing cosmetic contact lenses can be a fun experience since many of them can help you change the color of your eyes anytime without harming your eyesight.

4. Move your body

Physical exercises are important for our health, you’ve probably heard that many times. Yet, many people find it hard to start exercising, and even when they do, they often can’t commit to it for longer than a few months. If you don’t like crowded gyms, you can always work out at your home or in a park near your home. Also, there are types of workouts that aren’t too straining, such as yoga, pilates, and speed walking.

5. Stay away from negative people

Some people find pleasure in making others feel miserable, so if you have a friend who’s constantly talking about their problems without actually offering any support or advice, maybe it’s time to find different friends who’ll be positive and uplifting. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should cut ties with everyone who’s a bit pessimistic, but your focus should be surrounding yourself with those who mean well and who can help you reach your goals and support you on your journey.

6. Get enough sleep

Sadly, we live in a time when being busy is considered a virtue, so many people neglect their sleep in favor of reaching their business goals. Being dedicated to work is great, but you should never disregard your sleep as that can lead to anxiety, depression and other health complications. Make sure to get at least seven hours of sleep every night, and if you must wake up early, try to get to bed on time so you’ll be able to get enough rest.

7. Have a positive mindset

Being positive isn’t the same as being too optimistic. It’s more about having a positive outlook and finding an upside to every situation no matter how dire it might seem. Being positive will surely help you be more productive and less concerned with insignificant things you cannot change anyway. Just focus on the present moment and be considerate and helpful to everyone around you.

Taking care of yourself is a process that often takes time, hence it’s crucial to be patient and don’t expect the results straight away. Focus on eliminating your negative habits and helping those who need it. Make sure to take care of your health and be grateful for everything you already have, as that is often the best thing you can do to be truly happy.