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Dear Ex,

You got this feeling from somewhere that I deserved better than you. Strangely, I never did. I always tried to make you feel better than you thought you were. You were my everything, my world. The rest of the living population was a very small spectrum of my vision. You thought that I’ve done too much for you and that it’s time for you to leave because you could not do the same for me.

You left anyway. But I have a list of things I still haven’t mentioned that I want to thank you for!

open letter to my ex

Thank you, for having such pure intentions with my life. When the world tries to pull me down, I think of your intentions and know that it is not the worst place after all.

Thank you, for making me see that there’s a world full of magic beyond you. I had somehow made you the center of everything in my life.

Thank you, for leaving me in the hope that I’ll find a guy who’d actually care about my birthday and the little things that matter to me. I never figured what my heart and happiness had been missing all these years.

Thank you, for when you left, I actually realized how tiresome it was to drag a relationship that had no future. Now I feel so much lighter.

Thank you, for making me mad behind the thought of living without someone whom I loved more than life. Because now I know I can do that and very well survive.

Thank you, for leaving when I was fighting for life and death and needed someone the most. It only made me realize that I am the only one I need to live.

Thank you, for making me the girl who now thinks she doesn’t need to be the perfect girlfriend. That I should share my scars and flaws with someone and he should love me just as much. Without even wanting me to lose an inch of fat and dealing with my clumsiness. And sometimes, just wanting what I want, because that’s human.

Thank you, for not giving me back the perfect relationship. It would have only made it harder to leave.

Thank you, for making me see that someone better might come along because it seemed too difficult to handle my love. Because someone who really can has come along.

Thank you, for fighting with me for the little things and for no reason because now I know what peace feels like.

Thank you, for the nights I’ve cried to myself in bed. I now know that relationships work without going through such bullshit too.

Thank you, for actually leaving me and making me mature enough to see all of this. I was too blinded by your love to even contain my sanity.

Thank you for everything you’ve done. Right and wrong. Because without any of it, this wouldn’t have been possible. I still don’t hate you. With all due respect, I understand your love and loyalty towards me and appreciate it more than you could ever fathom. This letter is only for being thankful for all the events that took place and fortunately fell in place to make my life what it is today. You’ll always be the best human I’ve come across. Because in all honesty, I don’t feel anyone would push me away from themselves for my own good. This world is too selfish to do that. If it hadn’t been for your stubbornness, I wouldn’t be in the happy place that I am in today. Maybe it wasn’t meant ever to work out between us! Maybe you were just meant to be my angel in disguise.

I sincerely hope that years from now, when I bump into you, maybe in a foreign land, you must know that you are the reason behind a better life and appreciation for the right things.

Merci beaucoup!

– Your Ex.

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