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Surviving The Rat Race: You Can’t Miss The Bus Too Often

“It has happened again,” I wailed as I lowered myself on the wicker chair and glared at the world, sad and discontent. My friend at the other end of the table looked unperturbed. “You must be used to it now – the shutdowns and the pink slips,” she observed. “Yes,


Letsintern – Helping Students Understand The Professional World Better

In just three years of its existence Letsintern is one of the largest platforms connecting students and organisations today. Conceptualized by Rishabh Gupta and Pranay Swarup, the company was formed with a vision to enable India’s youth to get started early. Today Letsintern has footprints all across India and is


How I Conquered The Fear And Anxiety Of Solo Travel

A friend once told me, ‘it is always good to be a little scared as that’s when we know we’re doing the right thing.’ The first time I travelled by myself, I was apprehensive and suffered immense cold-feet. After repetitively travelling solo, the degree of the apprehension may have reduced


7 Easy Ways To Detox Your Life And Live Better

You might think that this title is talking about a diet. In fact, it is. Toxins can be elements that harm you physically, emotionally and psychologically. Toxicity in your environment can reduce you from your healthful self to a mere shell of the same. Here are some tried and tested must-try


The Rice Bucket Challenge: Can You Accept It?

Can we ever defy the age old saying “Charity begins at home”? And India of-course is a bigger home with no less issues and concerns that need more focused attention. So, the ALS ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ now has a desi version, The Rice Bucket Challenge. The desi challenge has been


How Steve Jobs Would Have Sold A Pen?

————————————————– This was an answer by Jong-Moon Kim to a question on Quora: “If Steve Jobs was handed a pen and asked “Sell me this pen”, how would he go about it?“ Jong-Moon Kim writes about the intersection of psychology, technology and artistry. He graduated from MIT in 2010 with


10 Films To Watch On This Friendship Day

Male bonding has often been celebrated and appreciated a lot in mainstream cinema and in some of these popular movies, bromance overshadows the hero-heroine bonding and romance. The paradigm of friendship has been of utmost importance in many such films and this ‘friendship day’ can get better by fixing your


The One Minute Mom

The usual day would begin with mom crying her lungs out to get me out of the bed. Treated with an amazing cup of tea was the only thing that would help me function and that has not changed in years – by the time I take the first sip