Mocept And Their Story Of Making The World’s Largest Video Dictionary And Beyond

A small town simpleton with a Masters degree in engineering from IIT Kanpur set out to begin his own startup venture with only one dream, of making learning fun and interesting. He began Mocept against many odds to help and provide students with a learning experience using interactive media content.


Amanpreet Banga – A Journey From Nowhere To Being A Food And Beverage Expert

odesty is a word that doesn’t quite suit this cool bloke. Filled with tremendous energy that conveniently fills that space for all day banter and provides necessary support to cushion that restless walk that seems to be constantly on the lookout for the minute details one can extract from the


The Union Budget 2015: Where Do You Stand Now?

This “Union Budget” has been applauded, called going towards a more stable 3 to 5 year Financial Plan structure, given 8.2 on 10 by analysts. Lots of discussion, lots of excitement. This post budget noise always brings to mind a question a lady once asked me. This middle aged homemaker


Travel Diary: A Walk In The Hills Of Himachal

I pulled aside the silk curtains rubbing my eyes and looking for the birds who chirped every morning on my window sill. But there were no birds. Cold, thundering silence prevailed and I saw something greater than life, greater than maybe anything. White grand mountains looked upon me from a


The Morning Power – How To Be Healthy, Wealthy And Wise!

enjamin Franklin once quoted-“Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise” but how many of us follow this? In today’s fast moving and competitive environment most of us fail to follow a fixed routine. We generally prefer going to work late and then end up


And This Is How Good Communication Skills Can Always Solve Many Of Your Daily Life Problems…

Communication is the key to success in today’s world. What we think and how we communicate the very same thought across the table can make or break a deal. And it’s a good enough reason why we must always work towards fine tuning our communication skills for a better professional