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Me, Myself And A Little More Of Me…

had a boss who epitomized the culture of self-appreciation. He had joined us from a larger organization with a bigger market share; while we were a relatively smaller firm operating in a niche market. The day started with examples of how he had done big deals, what he had achieved


GuideTrip – Empowering You To Travel More Like A Local

A new place is more interesting if you can explore and know more about the people living there, languages they speak, different things they do and lot more. They make you rich in terms of experience and knowledge apart from the basic new things you have seen there. And if


This Is Why A Trip To Ladakh Is Must Once In Your Lifetime

Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before. ~ Dalai Lama ~ I still remember all those crazy expressions from my friends and family a decade ago when I first decided to travel to the highland of Himalayas. When I first travelled to the Himalayas, the only information I


Hamid Shah – The Guy Who Discovered Himself After A Backpack Solo Trip Across India

We often hear of young professionals all around the world quitting their jobs. Sometimes it’s for a better offer, a better work profile, study or simply a few months off to read, paint, travel, relax a bit and to get back to work feeling all rejuvenated. But few take this


The Union Budget 2015: Where Do You Stand Now?

This “Union Budget” has been applauded, called going towards a more stable 3 to 5 year Financial Plan structure, given 8.2 on 10 by analysts. Lots of discussion, lots of excitement. This post budget noise always brings to mind a question a lady once asked me. This middle aged homemaker


5 Free Ways To Boost Your Sense Of Wellbeing

In pursuit of success and wealth, we often fail to connect with ourselves while keeping pace with the speeding life. Here are few simple life hacks to enrich your life and well, simply put – be happier.  There is no point in spending this life constantly waiting for something or


[Video] Steve Jobs And That One Precious Life Lesson For All Of Us

Some of the greatest lessons of life are learned on the deathbed. That’s the time when we look back and realize how precious life is. And most of the time, when we look back, we regret things we should have done, but didn’t. Majority of us spend our lifetime trying


Dr.Kalam And Seven Life Lessons We Can Learn From The Leader

It was in 2003, when Dr APJ Abdul Kalam was the President of India, that I met him first. I was working as HOD, English in St.George’s College (SGC), Mussoorie, and we were celebrating the Sesqui Centenary (150 years) of the College. Dr. Kalam was the Chief Guest and we