During His Only Weekly Off, This Hair Stylist Gives Free Haircuts To The Homeless

Mark Bustos, a New York City hair stylist, works at a salon which is frequented by high-profile customers like Norah Jones and Marc Jacobs. Six days of the week, he spends working there and serving the clients. However, on the seventh day, which is also his only day off, he


TreeWifi – A Startup That Gives Free WiFi To Solve A Bigger Problem Of Air Pollution

Consequences of Global Warming and Pollution is already causing a high alert among the who’s who of the world. As an individual, we may not be sensing the casualties first hand, but we’re slowly, and definitely, paying a price – our deteriorating health conditions. Meet Joris Lam, the founder of


Rajnikanth Will Be Proud Of This Fan. A Real Life Hero Who Saved A Stranger Girl From A Gangrape.

Had he been just another common passer-by, you might have been reading one more news of a gang rape in India. It’s not very uncommon to overlook any untoward incidents that happen to a stranger on the road. The reason? It doesn’t affect our lives. They are not our family.


13 Beautiful Travel Inspired Tattoos That Will Give You Instant Wanderlust

Tattoos are awesome! Some people hate it. And most people love it, even though they may not be having one. Every individual has a different but special reason behind those beautiful tattoos on their bodies. Since every tattoo signifies something, there is one great thing about people with tattoos. They


Get Over Sultan. Peek Into The Desi Akhada Training, The Backbone Of Indian Wrestlers At Olympics!

There is so much more than just wrestling to these pehalwans which we fail to observe. Listen to the Desi Akhada Wrestlers, speaking about their dedication and discipline in sports which they maintained every single day and the significance of preserving the age-old Indian Pahalwani culture. The Akhada Vyamshalas are the


5 Health Benefits Of Strawberries That Will Let You Go With Your Temptations To Pop Them In

Pop-them direct or squash those in the juicer, strawberries would only do you handsome amount of good. If you’re not already an ardent lover of strawberries, you can safely deepen your adoration. Not only are they swollen with citrus juicy, balmy and delightful, they’re a bona-fide super food, too. They


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