FolksVagn – Community Carpooling For A Better Life!

Sameer Khanna has done his Masters in IT and Telecom from Delhi University, and has worked with multi-billion dollar companies like Ericsson and Huawei for 10 years. He has got several awards to his name including Employee of the Year – Asia Pacific, out of 80 thousand employees in Huawei

Business – From An Excel Sheet To 10 Crore Rupees In Revenue

Shachin Bharadwaj, a Bachelor of Engineering from the Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune has previously worked with Synygy India, before moving onto building his own entrepreneurial project, TastyKhana in 2007. An aggressive entrepreneur and a people’s person, Shachin is a first generation self-motivated entrepreneur. Headquartered in Pune, TastyKhana is now


Afreed Islam Develops An Operating System At The Age of 16

Afreed Islam is currently a student of Little Flower School, Guwahati in 10th standard. He will be appearing for his board’s exams from the first week of March 2014. However, he says he is not getting much time to concentrate on his studies due to all the attention and calls

Beyond Numbers

10 Ways To Turn That Frown Upside Down And Be Happy

These days everyone seems to be jumping on the get-happier bandwagon. There are numerous books, scientific studies, laughter clubs and joyology workshops to induce the spirit of happiness. Why? Because the field of positive psychology has shown that happy people thrive. Have you ever wondered why? Well, they are more


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