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A Bangalore Guy Lost His Wallet. What Happened Next Will Become A Part Of Facebook Folklore

When few of these people woke up this morning, they all would have expected their day to be, well, like any other day. But then this guy happened in their lives. This morning, a guy in Bangalore takes a bus to reach his workplace, loses his wallet in the bus,


Snoogg: Quirky International Art Within Your Reach

Coming from a family that has been in the business of air-conditioning spare parts and e-commerce, an interest in art already made Priyank Nahatha the black sheep of the family. His innate passion for graphic art and photography led him to carve a niche in the e-commerce industry with


[Quiz] What Type Of Traveller Are You?

Learn what type of traveller you are – whether excited, lazy, or slightly odd. Are you the “Make the best of it!” type or the “Screw it, I’m done!” type of traveller? Take this quiz and find out NOW! So what type of traveller you are? Share it with your


7 Easy Ways To Detox Your Life And Live Better

You might think that this title is talking about a diet. In fact, it is. Toxins can be elements that harm you physically, emotionally and psychologically. Toxicity in your environment can reduce you from your healthful self to a mere shell of the same. Here are some tried and tested must-try


Kanchan Chaudhary: Life Sets No Limits, Only You Do!

Kanchan Chaudhary Bhattacharya has played many roles in her life including but not limited to an Officer in the Indian Police Service, Social Worker and now Politician. Not to mention the many roles played in the personal sphere. She holds the coveted distinctions of being the second woman IPS officer (1973)


How Steve Jobs Would Have Sold A Pen?

————————————————– This was an answer by Jong-Moon Kim to a question on Quora: “If Steve Jobs was handed a pen and asked “Sell me this pen”, how would he go about it?“ Jong-Moon Kim writes about the intersection of psychology, technology and artistry. He graduated from MIT in 2010 with


You Just Can’t Guess Her Age From Her Powerful Voice

Cydel Gabutero is a child prodigy from Philippines. And her dream is to become a good singer as she grows up. But, may be, she is not aware what she is capable of doing even now at 10. And we believe she has a gifted voice. You got to listen


The One Minute Mom

The usual day would begin with mom crying her lungs out to get me out of the bed. Treated with an amazing cup of tea was the only thing that would help me function and that has not changed in years – by the time I take the first sip

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