Beyond Numbers

The Joy Of Traveling By The Public Transport…!

Being the 11th passenger to board a seven seater three wheeler, I was entitled for only one-fourth seat space with full fare. Looking at my size, a compassionate co-passenger cramped himself further to make me comfortable. We exchanged smile, as if we have known each other for years. Passengers traveling


ShopPirate – The Only Pirate You’ll Love While Shopping Online

Money saved is money earned. Period. Birthdays are special. And to make one of her friend’s birthday more special, Kulpreet wanted to gift her friend a mobile phone. So in her quest for the same, she started looking for the best deal/coupon online. After spending hours and hours searching for


This Is Why A Trip To Ladakh Is Must Once In Your Lifetime

Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before. ~ Dalai Lama ~ I still remember all those crazy expressions from my friends and family a decade ago when I first decided to travel to the highland of Himalayas. When I first travelled to the Himalayas, the only information I


5 Tips For Healthy Skin And Keeping It Glowing In All Seasons

There are times in the 365 days when our skin looks perfect to us! It glows, appears clean and seemingly free of scars, freckles and/or blemishes. And we thrive for it to look the same for many more days. Sometimes, the glow maintains, but most of the times we run


Kanchan Chaudhary: Life Sets No Limits, Only You Do!

Kanchan Chaudhary Bhattacharya has played many roles in her life including but not limited to an Officer in the Indian Police Service, Social Worker and now Politician. Not to mention the many roles played in the personal sphere. She holds the coveted distinctions of being the second woman IPS officer (1973)


Do You Know What Is Your Style Of Leadership?

The definition of leadership varies from person to person. Some says leadership is an inborn trait and some believe that leadership can be taught. However, we all are leaders in our own way. And our leadership qualities get in to action every time life throws at us multiple challenges –


The Ridge: An Amazing Death-Defying Ride You Can’t Miss

The Ridge is an awesome film featuring Scottish trials cyclist, Danny MacAskill. It was filmed on his home island in Scotland, on the Isle of Skye, along the Cuillin Ridge. Just watch this sensational video! Source: CutMedia   Did you like this death-defying ride?


The One Minute Mom

The usual day would begin with mom crying her lungs out to get me out of the bed. Treated with an amazing cup of tea was the only thing that would help me function and that has not changed in years – by the time I take the first sip