Mocept And Their Story Of Making The World’s Largest Video Dictionary And Beyond

A small town simpleton with a Masters degree in engineering from IIT Kanpur set out to begin his own startup venture with only one dream, of making learning fun and interesting. He began Mocept against many odds to help and provide students with a learning experience using interactive media content.


Ravi Kalra – The No Honking Man Of India Who Has Dedicated His Life To Serve Humanity In All Possible Ways

The mind of an old man reflects the innocence of a child. Blessed are those who get to spend their old age with their loved ones. However, no one of us is also ignorant of the growing numbers of the unfortunate ones who are neglected or disowned by their own people. But the almighty is not merciless and he finds the special someones from among us who come forward selflessly to usher in the love, care and hope to these elderly angels.


Nijay Nair – His Resilience Helped Him In Gaining New Insights And Conquering Challenges In Life

From battling a serious health condition right in the middle of a brilliant career he carefully crafted, he peaked personal challenges with might and wisdom. Nijay Nair, a humble family man, hails originally from Kerala who made Mumbai his home. And he is quite a toughie to deal with. With


How Many Hours Does Zuckerberg Work With $1 Annual Salary?

The man who dreams of connecting the world need no introductions. Facebook, in the year 2013, confirmed that its founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg takes home only a $1 salary each year. What does that mean? Is he not actively working for the future of Facebook? In a Q&A session


10 Pictures That Will Tempt You To Plan Your Next Camping Adventure Right Away

If you are fond of outdoor adventure activities, you can’t deny the joy of camping in the jungles. Kirk and Alex, in 2013, thought of creating tents that can elevate the experience of camping. Camping, since then is no more about the tents on the ground only. They started a


The Morning Power – How To Be Healthy, Wealthy And Wise!

enjamin Franklin once quoted-“Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise” but how many of us follow this? In today’s fast moving and competitive environment most of us fail to follow a fixed routine. We generally prefer going to work late and then end up


10 Simple Ways We Can Contribute To India’s Progress And Celebrate Its Independence Everyday!

  Independence without progress holds no value. For a nation as great and big as India, we all are equally responsible to bring about the next change. Things we do as an individual on daily basis contributes a lot to the over all progress of the nation and also to