Inspired By The Work Of Everyday Heroes, She Found Her Second Calling In “The Good People Fund”

A former teacher and local business owner, Naomi Eisenberger began a new quest for meaning following a cancer diagnosis in 1991 and a chance meeting with an author focused on everyday heroes who help better the lives of others. Captured by a philosophy about how we can all use our talents to make


These Two Enterprising Minds Are Empowering Your Life Experiences To Do Good To Others In 45 Seconds

“Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.” – François Auguste René Rodin – Life is all about the decisions you make based on your experiences. Good or bad, till you can keep learning from it, every experience is worth counting. During one of the founder’s first


The Auto Driver With 10,000+ Facebook Fans, 2 TED Talks, A Website, And A Mobile App

The bustling streets of OMR (Old Mahabalipuram Road) in the city of Chennai is filled with IT professionals commuting to and from their workplaces every day and night. For most of these people, share autos seem to be the best mode of transport when it comes to saving time. These


7 Unforgettable Places For Solo Female Travel In India

Known mostly for its richness in diversity, art, culture and cuisine; India has been touted as one of the most popular destinations for travelers across the globe. Despite being slightly unsafe, the country experiences thousands of visitors every year who visit India just to experience its enigmatic and enchanting beauty.


This Mumbai Police Constable’s Story Will Change Your Perception About The Men In Khaki

He agrees that life as a police constable is not easy. People have preconceived notions about the police. And they do not understand the human side of a policeman. Even a policeman expects to be treated with love, politeness, and respect. But how does it matter? It’s not a secret


Are You Sure Your Homemade Meal Is Nutritious Enough And Not Missing Anything Vital For Your Body?

We never doubt our home cooked food. But are they always good enough for a healthy body? Maybe not. As we get more and more conscious about our health, the focus has shifted towards what we are giving our body in terms of food and nutrition. A healthy diet is


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