Beyond Numbers

What Do Fine Wine And A Mid-Life Crisis Have In Common?

Wine enthusiasts share a passion for wines that will “age.” Wines that will actually improve over time are a rarity, thus making them a prize for collectors. Longevity in wine is one indicator of greatness. However, quite often when we reach mid-life we get the frightening feeling that everything (including us) is


NoMyID – Empowering You To Email Without An Email Address

ith the world shrinking into the mobile phones, have you realized that it has paralyzed us in a way? We don’t even remember the phone numbers and email addresses of our dear ones. And we bet that out of all the phone numbers you have stored in your mobile, for


Hanoi – Exploring The Maximum In 36 Hours

Hanoi needs to be spoken of more. While cities like Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong get all the buzz, not much is said about Hanoi. This is a big oversight because this city is amazing and totally deserves to feature high up on the South East Asian traveller’s list. Hanoi,


Halli Berri: One Dream. Four Women. And Their Story Of Living It Up.

mother and her three daughters have converted their idyllic ancestral estate-cum-vacation home into a quaint coffee shop and exclusive resort. Here’s the story of these four women who realised their dream and Halli Berri, the resort, and Coffee Barn – the coffee shop – came to form. Speaking about her


The Union Budget 2015: Where Do You Stand Now?

This “Union Budget” has been applauded, called going towards a more stable 3 to 5 year Financial Plan structure, given 8.2 on 10 by analysts. Lots of discussion, lots of excitement. This post budget noise always brings to mind a question a lady once asked me. This middle aged homemaker


The Morning Power – How To Be Healthy, Wealthy And Wise!

enjamin Franklin once quoted-“Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise” but how many of us follow this? In today’s fast moving and competitive environment most of us fail to follow a fixed routine. We generally prefer going to work late and then end up


Don’t Have Enough Reasons To Be Happy In Life? You’re Wrong.

Most of the time, life gives us enough to be happy and content. However, it’s a natural human tendency not to cherish what we have, but need more of  what others have. We fail to understand that we all are unique and we all have our own share of joy


Dr.Kalam And Seven Life Lessons We Can Learn From The Leader

It was in 2003, when Dr APJ Abdul Kalam was the President of India, that I met him first. I was working as HOD, English in St.George’s College (SGC), Mussoorie, and we were celebrating the Sesqui Centenary (150 years) of the College. Dr. Kalam was the Chief Guest and we