Beyond Numbers

Have You Ever Had A Premonition About A Loved One?

One evening while preparing a routine evening meal, an image flashed in my head and disappeared. In a vision that didn’t last more than a micro second, I saw my son – my only child who was 5 or 6 at the time – with the side of his forehead


Delhi Dance Academy: How A Former Webpreneur Is Making Delhi Dance To His Tunes

A very high-end life in Central London. Living in a gorgeous apartment overlooking the beautiful river Thames and a flourishing career in Internet Marketing with top notch clients in UK, Europe and US. Arjun Sandhu, a young entrepreneur of 31 left it all to be with his family, for the


Reverie: Breaking The Language Barrier Across Digital Platforms

India is home to more than 500 languages which have their own separate dialects. While we love to converse in our local language when engaging informally, we rarely have the option to choose a local language on digital platforms such as mobile phones, computers, tabs or TV screens. Three gentlemen


Online Brand Content: What 5 Global Brands Are Doing Right!

Brand content is more than just a bunch of blogs and a nice Facebook page. Getting an online presence is all about content – and content that really speaks to its audience, strikes a chord and starts a recurring brand theme by way of online posting, sharing and interacting. If