CurveStrength – Empowering Women With Overall Wellness To Be A Winner

Women are the most powerful force on the planet, and that needs no validation – just a shift in human perception is all needed. Indeed, women are the cornerstone of human civilization. And the real empowerment of women starts in their individual and ultimate well-being. “For a woman who is strong


How Difficult Is It To Help Others Selflessly?

This story is a part of the “Yes! i am the CHANGE” series and brought to you in collaboration with “There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving”, the Bible so truly says. Doing good things for others boosts your self-respect and makes you feel the satisfaction that


Three Years. One Harley-Davidson. And The Story Of A Husband, Wife And A Dream

“You just have to decide that you have to achieve your dream, rest everything falls in place.” says Akhilee Matta Sometime in 2012, Akhilee and some other friends were attending a party at her boyfriend Gaurav’s place. For some reason, when she opened his wardrobe, she saw two posters inside. The first one


5 Lessons My MBA Degree Failed To Teach Me But Traveling Solo Did

Traveling has always been a part of my life, mostly with friends or on a pilgrimage with family. Whatever the objective was, for me it has always been a soulful experience to travel in local transport and fight for that window seat, eat different varieties of food, and have long


5 Health Benefits Of Strawberries That Will Let You Go With Your Temptations To Pop Them In

Pop-them direct or squash those in the juicer, strawberries would only do you handsome amount of good. If you’re not already an ardent lover of strawberries, you can safely deepen your adoration. Not only are they swollen with citrus juicy, balmy and delightful, they’re a bona-fide super food, too. They


The Man Who Died Young But His Legacy Still Lives On Through His Words!

They say Bob Marley died young! Well yes, statistically speaking (born in 1945). But, his impact has stayed for long, despite having left us physically way back in 1981. His music is evergreen. And, how can it not be! Rastafarians will immediately identify with green, for the ‘grass’ was at