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The Pursuit of Being A Better Person – Today And Everyday!

I have been deep down in my life. I was so baseless in my life that I lived as if I was making the best of the opportunity available to keep me happy. To me the definition of happiness was different – it’s being lazy! Yes. I was extremely lazy


With 1 Crore INR Of Funding, EZMove Is Determined To Change Your Relocation Experience

In the last decade or so, our homes have evolved so much that pretty much everything happens either at a click of a mouse or push of a button whether it’s shopping for groceries online, furniture, kitchen gadgets, high definition TVs etc. But when it comes to relocation, our methods


This Is Why A Trip To Ladakh Is Must Once In Your Lifetime

Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before. ~ Dalai Lama ~ I still remember all those crazy expressions from my friends and family a decade ago when I first decided to travel to the highland of Himalayas. When I first travelled to the Himalayas, the only information I


What Is The Best Form Of Exercise?

My work as a fitness counselor with one of the most reputed and scientifically sound chain of gyms and fitness academies in India, brought me across numerous exercise related queries from my clients and gym members. Some of the most common queries that I tackled were like this: What is the


Kanchan Chaudhary: Life Sets No Limits, Only You Do!

Kanchan Chaudhary Bhattacharya has played many roles in her life including but not limited to an Officer in the Indian Police Service, Social Worker and now Politician. Not to mention the many roles played in the personal sphere. She holds the coveted distinctions of being the second woman IPS officer (1973)


Do You Know What Is Your Style Of Leadership?

The definition of leadership varies from person to person. Some says leadership is an inborn trait and some believe that leadership can be taught. However, we all are leaders in our own way. And our leadership qualities get in to action every time life throws at us multiple challenges –


Find Out Which Emotion Rules You Secretly!

We all are emotional fools. And let’s not blame anyone for this. Emotions, on the other hand, help us to realize that we are still reactive to things in this world and we are still breathing. Pick the most accurate emotion you feel when looking at these pictures and find


Dr.Kalam And Seven Life Lessons We Can Learn From The Leader

It was in 2003, when Dr APJ Abdul Kalam was the President of India, that I met him first. I was working as HOD, English in St.George’s College (SGC), Mussoorie, and we were celebrating the Sesqui Centenary (150 years) of the College. Dr. Kalam was the Chief Guest and we

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