Sylvester Peter – The Inspiring Man Who Is Changing The Lives Of Delhi’s Slum Kids With A Football

Sylvester Peter started My Angels Academy 29 years ago when he was 13 years old. While studying at a government school in New Delhi, he witnessed the long-term impact of poverty and the ill effects of being an underprivileged. 29 years later, Sylvester Peter, more popularly known as Sylvester Bhaiya,


TreeWifi – A Startup That Gives Free WiFi To Solve A Bigger Problem Of Air Pollution

Consequences of Global Warming and Pollution is already causing a high alert among the who’s who of the world. As an individual, we may not be sensing the casualties first hand, but we’re slowly, and definitely, paying a price – our deteriorating health conditions. Meet Joris Lam, the founder of


Solar Impulse 2 – A Flight Around The World Without A Single Drop Of Fuel

A little early on July 26, 2016, the Solar Impulse 2, landed in Abu Dhabi, from where it began its historic flight around the world. A flight completely powered by the Sun. It was the combined effort of Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg, the pilots and also the brains behind


New York City: 6 Must Visit Shopping Destinations You Should Not Miss

‘Let’s hear it for New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do’ – when the rapper Jay-Z sang songs those lines, it summed up the vibe of the city and how it has witnessed so many rags to riches stories. And much like the


Remembering Robin Williams – The Man Behind Many Million Smiles

“Good Morning, Vietnam!”. If you read that with the voice of someone else running through your mind, you might want to read till the end of this article. Today marks the second death anniversary of Robin Williams, one of the world’s most adored comedians. He was not just a normal


5 Health Benefits Of Strawberries That Will Let You Go With Your Temptations To Pop Them In

Pop-them direct or squash those in the juicer, strawberries would only do you handsome amount of good. If you’re not already an ardent lover of strawberries, you can safely deepen your adoration. Not only are they swollen with citrus juicy, balmy and delightful, they’re a bona-fide super food, too. They


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