This Bangalore Startup Reaffirms That You Too Can Make A Difference With Whatever Skills You Have

In the bling of the big shopping malls, multiplexes and new townships mushrooming in different parts of Bangalore, we often overlook the darkness that lies in the unmentioned corners. It’s the world less celebrated, and even less explored by a majority of the crowd. A Small School In A Tiny Lane


TripHippie – A Bootstrapped Startup Journey From 50K To INR 1Crore In Revenue With Profit In The First Year

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius – You hate Monday’s. Isn’t it? Because over the weekend, you do something you really enjoy and then the week ahead doesn’t allow you the same. If you are passionate about what you


Germany’s Last Knight – The Life Of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel

Loathed and despised for committing sins in the second world war, previously unseen and unimagined in modern history, Germany was from the period of 1939-45, a condemnable power. A troubled nation, tumultuous in the after effects of the Treaty of Versailles in the First World War, an embattled and wounded


7 Essential And Cool Travel Tips You Should Not Ignore To Enhance Your Travel Experiences

The joy of traveling is compared to nothing. Everybody loves to travel. And why not? Traveling is fun, at least when you think or plan about it. Many a time the whole experience of traveling becomes sour. This is because of some issues that arise in between traveling which makes the whole thing a


This Man Went Inside 1000+ Different Bedrooms Across 55 Countries. But The Reason Was So Different.

An international movie maker and a photographer, John Thackwray was born in South Africa. He also directed television advertising for brands such as L’Oreal, Sony, Coca-Cola, and music video for various artists. His personal work interest is mainly to focus on human rights and development issues around the world via his movies


Are You Sure Your Homemade Meal Is Nutritious Enough And Not Missing Anything Vital For Your Body?

Story brought to you in association with Protinex We never doubt our home cooked food. But are they always good enough for a healthy body? Maybe not. As we get more and more conscious about our health, the focus has shifted towards what we are giving our body in terms of