How Many Hours Does Zuckerberg Work With $1 Annual Salary?

The man who dreams of connecting the world need no introductions. Facebook, in the year 2013, confirmed that its founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg takes home only a $1 salary each year. What does that mean? Is he not actively working for the future of Facebook? In a Q&A session


Kamini Srivastava – The Girl Who Refused To Give Up Even After Losing Both Her Hands At The Age Of 4

This story is a part of the “Yes! i am the CHANGE” series and brought to you in collaboration with     Life never ceases to surprise us with its dark shades. Isn’t it? It makes it easy for all of us to complain at the drop of a hat


Nijay Nair – His Resilience Helped Him In Gaining New Insights And Conquering Challenges In Life

From battling a serious health condition right in the middle of a brilliant career he carefully crafted, he peaked personal challenges with might and wisdom. Nijay Nair, a humble family man, hails originally from Kerala who made Mumbai his home. And he is quite a toughie to deal with. With


8 Simple Life Lessons I Learned From The Mountains

I have never been the outdoorsy-trek-loving kind of person. Vacations for me have been synonymous to beaches and sun basking. Last weekend, I along with my two adventurous sisters set myself for a journey to the mountains, my first ever. The trip to the mountains of Ramgarh in Uttarakhand has


The Morning Power – How To Be Healthy, Wealthy And Wise!

enjamin Franklin once quoted-“Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise” but how many of us follow this? In today’s fast moving and competitive environment most of us fail to follow a fixed routine. We generally prefer going to work late and then end up


Every Time You Want To Quit The Fight And Give Up In Life, This Video Will Make You Think Twice

Life never ceases to throw challenges at us. Very few dare to take on these challenges and fight. And those who wins in the end are the ones who refused to give up. What makes them a winner is not the size of the challenge but the size of their