A Sales Lesson Learned From My Neighborhood Fruit Juice Seller

It was an idle Sunday evening. And to add some healthy aspect to my lazy walk, which had replaced my customary jogging session, I decided to treat myself with some nutritious supplement. That’s what made me take a pit-stop at the fruit juice stall in the neighborhood. “I will have


To Find The Rest Of Their Family, This Engineer Duo Gave Up Their Jobs. Is It Their Purpose Of Life?

et’s accept the fact that not all of us are lucky or brave enough to follow our dreams, or do just what we love to do in life. That reflects another truth that there are two categories of people in this world – one who dreams and dreams and plan


Nijay Nair – His Resilience Helped Him In Gaining New Insights And Conquering Challenges In Life

From battling a serious health condition right in the middle of a brilliant career he carefully crafted, he peaked personal challenges with might and wisdom. Nijay Nair, a humble family man, hails originally from Kerala who made Mumbai his home. And he is quite a toughie to deal with. With


8 Simple Life Lessons I Learned From The Mountains

I have never been the outdoorsy-trek-loving kind of person. Vacations for me have been synonymous to beaches and sun basking. Last weekend, I along with my two adventurous sisters set myself for a journey to the mountains, my first ever. The trip to the mountains of Ramgarh in Uttarakhand has


8 Physiological Effects Of Stress And How You Can Avoid Them

Stress is the body’s response to an external change or situation, which manifests in the form of physical, mental or emotional reactions. The human body is physiologically programmed to face stressful situations and some amount of stress is considered constructive, in the sense that it keeps one alert. However, too


In Less Than 40 Seconds, This Orangutan And The Tiger Cubs Can Teach Us To Be Better Humans Today!

In today’s time of barbarism, this is what we as humans need to learn from the animals. More love, more tolerance, more acceptance, more patience, empathy, compassion and may be much much more. Our life time is for once. And still we don’t care to waste it in utter hatred