According to the Hindu mythology, lighting diya denotes dispelling away darkness- not outside but inside. Filling it with oil or ghee indicates – enriching yourself with 5 qualities- Affection, Intelligence, Resoluteness, Patience, and Caution.

This festival is about evoking the positive qualities in yourself and make the world a better place to live in. When the whole world is confused about what to do different this Diwali, here are a few things that you can do to put a smile on someone’s face this year.

Charity Begins at Home

To help people you don’t have to look very far! Be it your caretaker or domestic helper- like others they too feel like celebrating the festival with their family and friends. Why not surprise them with a day off?

Distribute Sweets/chocolates

You may have money to buy whatever sweets or chocolates you like, but why not put that to good use? With too many guests come excess sweet boxes. Instead of wasting or throwing it away, you can gift it to underprivileged people- people who live on streets or vendors who make your Diwali beautiful- do the same for them.

Writing Letters

Connect to people across the world, especially people who do not have a care in the world. Write letters to them and make them feel loved because a person will never forget how you make them feel.

Become a Santa for homeless children

We are sure you have excess stuff in your home that you have never used or maybe because you are bored off. Instead of throwing them away like a garbage or piling it up in the room, why not give it to children who have put it to good use?

Don’t forget the Working Class

Be grateful to people who make your Diwali safe and beautiful. Be it a traffic police, a nurse or your food delivery guy- you can gift them a box of chocolate or a good tip as a token of love and gratitude.

Become a Volunteer

You can volunteer with the hospitals or police or firefighters and help them function smoothly. Every year, numerous people get burnt or get injured in accidents. You can help these people by rescuing them, helping them and sensitizing them. It is always best to practice what you preach!

Donate to NGOs

Support a noble cause and secure the future of at least one person or maybe a child? Provide necessary materials for their education and help them grow. Remember happiness comes from our own actions. Nothing can be more enriching, rewarding and fulfilling than this.

Spend time at an orphanage

Old age can be lonely for elderly people and they might miss celebrating the festival of lights with their loved ones. Why not elevate their mood by lighting diyas, preparing a beautiful Rangoli and a delicious dessert for them? Hear out their stories and experiences and help them play their second innings well.

Be compassionate to animals

Your fun comes at a huge cost! Loud music and noise of firecrackers affect animals and birds to a huge extent. Some even get killed due to careless use of firecrackers. Why not make a sound-proof shelter for street animals or even best, stop using firecrackers for their sake or at least do it in a responsible manner.

Use green firecrackers

Luckily for people who love firecrackers, this year green crackers are available in the market. Let us feel a little bit accountable for the environment around us. You can give these crackers to orphan children and make them happy.

Plant Trees

Instead of lighting crackers and contributing to pollution, why not make earth greener and safer for people around and animals? Doesn’t that sound good to ears?

A Very Happy Diwali!