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With people adapting to e-papers which has a 24-hour news cycle, newspapers may soon become obsolete. Even though you will not miss out on the content that much and probably you will be flooded with more information. But you are definitely going to miss the unplanned brilliance of these classified ads.

WARNING: Keep your brain aside while you scroll down through this because these ads have huge potential to kill you with their unintentional stupidity! But a GOOD LAUGH IS GUARANTEED!

1. Very Overwhelming!

Be ready to get slapped by your partner for this perfect gift!

2. In case you decide to check out early from Earth

For people looking forward to food poisoning, this ad is for you!

3. Very poor choice of words!

This is funny and scary as hell!

4. Somebody got the maths wrong here!

5. Want to use a USED VIBRATOR?

Looks like there is no room for hygiene on this planet!

6.  Too much demand, isn’t it?

To socialize- must be a sin!

7. Software engineers look away!

8. So much respect for hymen is bringing us to tears!

9. Cool in-laws guaranteed!

Marry your daughter to this un-cool man at your own risk!


10. If your name matches, it can save you a lot of money and time!

11. Cooking frog legs is essential here!

12. Who needs an encyclopedia when you have a wife?

13. Good God!!

We are not even talking about this!

14.  In case you want to add spice to your life!

Only and only blind trust on this person will get you through this!

15. Who requires skills when you have tools?

16. Any woman will do!

18-80? Nice!

17. Your potty will be stuck if you sit on this POTTY CHAIR!

Attention: It has light-brown stain as well!

18. You are looking at a new Drug Lord!


19. Healthy users of Heroine = Oxymoron

20. In case you have nothing else to do in this world!

21. We are exhausted too!