Wildlife Sanctuaries In Karnataka

5 Wildlife Sanctuaries In Karnataka That Are A Must-Visit For Kids!

Holidays are the ultimate time for the kids to spend time playing, exploring and lazying around. While the school remains closed, parents and children can have ample time to explore new things, learn new skills and add excitement to routine life. Visiting a wildlife sanctuary is a fun way to utilize the holiday and teach your kids about the flora and fauna. From watching the animals in their natural habitat to understanding the importance of nature – a wildlife sanctuary is an education in real terms.

India has several Wildlife Sanctuaries and national parks which are beautifully nestled in nature’s abode and are popular for their biodiversity. Here are some of the best Wildlife safari and Sanctuaries in Karnataka that is a must-visit.

Wildlife Sanctuaries In Karnataka

1. Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary

Once a private hunting lodge of the Maharaja of Mysore, Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary, also known as the Nagarhole National Park is one of the finest wildlife sanctuaries of South India. Spread across an area of 6000 sq kilometers in the Western Ghats Nilgiri sub-cluster, this national park has rich forest cover, hills, valleys, waterfalls, and small streams. Recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary is an educational experience for the kids as it brings them closer to the animals, mammals, birds, and nature.

For a fun trip to spend around the wildlife and rejuvenate in nature, stay at Discovery Village Kabini resort. In all the facets of its existence, Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary is a trip to nature and wildlife to create memories and give real-life education to the kids.

2. Bannerghatta National Park

Bannerghatta National Park is one of the most visited and popular wildlife Sanctuary for the Bangaloreans. Just 26 km from the Bangalore Railway Station and spread across an area of 115 sq km, this national park is a Tiger Reserve recognized by the Forest Department of India. While the park is green and has exceptional beauty, it’s a fun outing for the kids as they get to meet the wildlife animals like Tiger, Deer, Elephants, Lions and more.

Moreover, the park boasts of a butterfly park, Zoological Park, and a Snake Farm for the visitors to enjoy exploring.

3. Dubare Wildlife Sanctuary

An elephant camp, Wildlife Sanctuary, and a Farm Camp – Dubare Wildlife Sanctuary on the banks of River Kaveri in Kodagu District is a popular getaway from Bangalore.

The diversity in landscapes is an opportunity for families to trek, hike, and camp in the sanctuary while the elephant population and reserve brings the kids closer to their most loved animals. With opportunities to bathe, feed and play with the elephants, a tour to the Dubare Wildlife Sanctuary becomes a fulfilling one. Additionally, the Wildlife Sanctuary has a large population of Tigers, deers, rhinoceros, etc to get the kids knowing a variety of animals and birds, click pictures and enjoy walking in nature. Kids get to interact with the elephants and enjoy an elephant ride too.

4. Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

On the banks of River Kali in the Uttara Kanada district, the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is the second largest Wildlife Sanctuary in Karnataka. It is an Elephant Reserve and a Tiger Reserve recognized by the Government. While the rich biodiversity and natural beauty is a mesmerizing experience for the travelers, the wildlife sanctuary is a typical experience for the kids to play and learn at a go. The Wildlife Safari tours take travelers across the length and breadth of the sanctuary and introduce them to the wildlife scene. From watching animals in their natural habitat to clicking pictures, playing games and feeding them – the wildlife sanctuary has a wholesome experience lined up for the visitors. The nearby resorts make your stay a more fulfilling one.

5. Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary

Resting amidst the Western Ghats in Chikmaglur, the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary with its deciduous forests, mountain peaks and diverse range of flora and fauna is one of the most popular places for wildlife tours in India. Apart from being a Tiger Reserve with a substantial Tiger population, the sanctuary is popular for wildlife safari tours and nature bound activities. For families traveling with kids, the sanctuary unfolds a holiday in nature with several animals, special tigers, to meet.

Planning to take kids out for a trip into nature? Wildlife Sanctuaries are schools in disguise. Which one would you choose to visit?



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