Before I took a sabbatical I had been working for ten years; I have enjoyed every bit of it and I am proud of my achievements. But between all this, there was also a sense of never having time for myself. Isn’t it amazing we all get 24 hours but some people manage to get so much out of the same number of hours?

I have personally struggled to try and to do more things that I enjoy and have an identity and existence beyond the mandatory office & home routine. Here are some tips to work towards a more enriching life:

1. Prioritize

We all have a long list of things to do every day, and in the rush of things may forget some. Make a list in order of priority; you will be surprised how easier and more manageable everything seems and nothing gives me more satisfaction than striking off the things done.

2. Read

Yes read! A book can be a great stress buster at the end of the day, and it’s been already proven scientifically that watching TV before you fall asleep is bad for your health. In a world of gadgets and gizmos, an old fashioned book still goes a long way.

3. Go For A Walk

I have solved more problems than I can remember while walking. Sometimes being little far away from the daily hustle and bustle gives you more perspective than you can imagine. And while you are at it, burn some calories and those pheromones released just adds to the joy.

4. Meet New People

It’s amazing how many new people outside our school and college friends and work colleagues we can potentially meet in our daily life, if we just made an effort. All it takes is some initiative, and a big smile. We meet a lot of people in gyms, while commuting, at various functions and seminars. You will be surprised how much we can learn and be enriched from such interactions.

5. Volunteer

Sometimes being there is far more fulfilling then just writing a cheque, the cause can be anything close to your heart. The time and effort will give you a satisfaction and a high better than the most happening party you ever attended. And of course a chance to meet more like minded people.

I hope the above steps give you as much happiness as they have given me. More joy to you all!!