For the first time in my life, I will not be home for my country’s largest, most culturally celebrated holiday season, which spans from the end of November to New Year’s Eve. That’s right. I won’t be home for any of it! I didn’t have any Thanksgiving turkey, and I won’t be having any eggnog either.

My decision to skip the holiday season was not a happy one in the beginning. I made my decision based on finances and costly overseas airfare. Instead of investing in thousand-dollar flight home, I will be spending my holidays with my boyfriend and his family in Paris. At first, it felt like it was the end of the world. I was convinced that my family would be upset with me and that they would never talk to me again. I’m a drama queen. They are supportive of my decision, and no one was mad at me. Now I’m excited about this new experience. Even though I really miss my family, this will certainly be a Christmas I will never forget.

All of the movies are themed around being home for the holidays. But what about those who choose not to be? It doesn’t have to be a jaunt across the world, but I do recommend traveling during at least one major holiday! Here is why!


It’s a mental and physical reset. In my culture at least, we have major holidays back-to-back for two months straight. Planning the logistics, meals, and gifts can become incredibly stressful and expensive, which is ironic since the purpose of a holiday is to relax. Traveling would automatically remove you from those stressful expectations.


Take advantage of your time off work and don’t feel guilty about it. Some employees, especially young or new ones, have limited time off. Supplement your paid holidays with your vacation days to maximize travel time!


You will have the opportunity to celebrate your holiday in another culture and location. You also get to observe the way another culture and country celebrates.


Instead of accumulating gifts and “stuff” that you may not need, you get the gift of travel. If your family still wants to buy you presents, ask them to give you money for your travel fund and use it on your trip.


Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Spending this time away from home will give you some perspective on how precious time with your loved ones is! I know it sounds ironic. Spend time away from your family to appreciate your family?! However, if you live near your family and you see them frequently already, some travel time may benefit your relationship.

Happiest Holidays To You!