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6 Podcasts For A Road Trip With Your Family

A classic American vacation to spend the summer with family is nothing but a road trip. Road trips are fun and great for having a good time with your family. With your family on board and your favorite playlist in the podcast, you get rejuvenated with more energy to overtake other cars on the road and reach your favorite holiday destination.

Podcasts will tell a story to your kids if they get bored and grab their interest with fascinating facts and exciting stories. If you have good speakers, then don’t wait to turn on your podcasts to listen to the lively sound effects. On-road trips, there are no specific moods to select the podcasts, sometimes we may want to relax by listening to stress buster comedy shows like the Harmontown podcast, and sometimes want more informative ones like the Lawfare Podcast.

podcasts for road trips
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In this article, I am highlighting some of the best podcasts to suit different moods of the people and some commoner for the whole family.

Wow in the World

Wow in the World is an engaging podcast exclusively designed for entertainment. This is the latest addition to the podcast list and is already creating history for the number of listeners of their show. It is focused on general science and technology questions and provides the answer in a more fun and amusing way that children never forget. This show takes the entire family on a journey into the world’s wonders and provides the coolest stories on science and technology for the family. Hosted by Mindy and Guy, Wow in the World is an informative and enjoyable podcast for kids and teens.

Harmontown podcast

Harmontown podcast was a live comedy podcast that aired in 2012. Harmontown podcast was created by the television series creator Dan Harmon and was hosted by him from 2012 to 2019. Initially, Harmontown podcast had a monthly live comedy show from Los Angeles and later became a weekly live show since June 16, 2012.

Harmontown podcast show often talks about the national tour and their experiences while making one. If you like comedy and want to listen to something relaxing and soothing, then you must watch the Harmontown podcast. It is one of the best travel accompaniers as Harmon makes fantastic talks with his mind-blowing storytelling capacity and Davis, his companion in the show, makes us melt in the show at the right heat.


Storynory is one of the earliest podcasts that was designed by the former BBC journalist to create stories for children. Storynory is been airing since 2005. It highlights the imagination, great narrations, and excellent story writing. Stories and tales are narrated by the professional voice actors on both modern and classic- old style.

Storynory has hundreds of episodes, from classic favorites to Greek myths. You can listen to Cinderella’s story or any other fiction story and make your children plunge into it. Storynory entertains your children with stories and facts. Your kids will not say “I am Boooorrred “if you turn on this podcast. It is available at both iTunes and Google Play.

This American Life

This is an American weekly program with a theme and hosts many types of stories related to it. This is one of the most listened to podcasts, with more than 2.5 million regular users. It provides comical, touching and monographs of life in America. The show is hosted by Ira Glass, and this is a popular on-demand version of radio on the podcast. They podcast true stories with a twist and turns and immerse you quickly and happily in a place. Their new episodes are available every Monday, and you can listen to their previous stories on the podcast.

Lawfare Podcast

It is always interesting to listen to something very informative during a road trip. Though it may not be the same for all, for those analytical minds, every episode of the Lawfare podcast is a boon. In the Lawfare podcast, you can find a deep analysis of the current affairs by some incredible folks.

The conversation will always be courteous, intellectual and more informative with a refreshing dose. Lawfare podcasts talk about intelligence, homeland security, foreign policy, law, and Cybersecurity seriously and in-depth which other people dare, not to touch that much. Lawfare podcasts platform provides the regular dose for the lawyers, law students and helps them understand the current issues from multiple angles.

Eleanor Amplified

This is a whole family podcast to listen to together during road trips and even at home. The podcast is hosted by Eleanor, who has brought the old-time radio shows into our cell phones.

Eleanor’s joyful and fun-filled tone sparks laughter into the whole family. It is both entertaining and informative for everyone and helps the kids to know more about smart media choices. She takes everyone inside their circle and makes them travel around the world with her into the deep forest, fight with the villains and win the Big story. There is a special edition about the road trip that talks about the trip to Aunt Martha’s house becoming a global adventure.

Kids will get involved in this series and will not take their iPads or tablets nor disturb you for your cell phone. This podcast was developed keeping adults and kids in mind, where adults can laugh in-between.

Podcasts are the best friends for a road trip, and it can distract you for hours on your long trip and keep your children and family engagement, to reach the destination safely. It is always a tough challenge to find something that is of good quality and suitable to entertain the entire family. So we have listed only the top podcasts to entertain children, music lovers, mad-scientists and bored humans. These podcasts will help you to have a memorable and fun trip around the country.



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