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Take a look at the mirror today. Not like everyday to check on your clothes and your makeup, but at yourself, the “YOU” in you. Aren’t you stunning?


Let’s face it; women are the most gorgeous creation of God on the face of the earth. You can kill with that smile, you look from those reading glasses and sweep the floor beneath somebody’s feet. And now, if you get what am I talking about, do not leave your mirror till the time you see and are convinced that you are gorgeous (well, you can take your coffee breaks in between). And I will try and answer some of the questions that arise from the mirror effect.

Daddy’s princess, but books were glitches

For the generation that I belong to and the one before, academics were like badges on a lieutenant’s collar. I had absolutely no clue why they were so important. You had to top the class, you had to bring in good grades and let’s not even start talking about the comparisons  made with this other bright student in the class. Such was life back then until now when we are comparatively more enlightened on the best practices of bringing up children and how to just let them be.

I was never a bright student and my Dad was not so cool about it, nor was my Mom. I was average, I walked up the stairs instead of running a rat race of grades (maybe it wasn’t a rat race at all). I was logical and intelligent enough to sail through in life and guess what; I had some ridiculous amount of fun. I was an athlete and learned lessons of team work, sportsmanship, healthy competition and being fair (instead of by-hearting H2O is water … who cares, anyway!).

Wouldn’t deny that I was made to believe I was a loser back then because my PTMs were not a pleasure, but I surely connect the dots now. I am so happy I did not run the rat race and chase the mirage. Instead the athlete in me makes me who I am today. And hell yes, I am beautiful!

Relationships abound

I had a good number of relationships and have absolutely no qualms in accepting that – there isn’t any space for regrets as well. I am sure you would have had your share too (does your mirror see a smile .. hhhmmm). Lets talk about what it brings to you.

Relationships help us grow and most of the times, in this process, we outgrow the relationship, not necessarily the person. The moment it becomes a baggage to carry, that is where heart breaks happen. But hey, doesn’t everything happen for a better reason. “I wish that had worked out”, “I wish I had sacrificed a bit more, I am sure, it would have worked out better” etc.

Well, sure it could have but maybe not – you never know. Why would you want to run after something and be unhappy for things you do not have? I surely understand we need to make some adjustments to make a relationship work but sacrifices, no way. We must move on, there is a life beyond that one relationship that did not work, maybe it was never meant to be.

Love again, love abundantly. Fall out of it, gather yourself again – you will grow, you will learn, you will love, you will be content and after a while, you will say … “Oh, how beautiful I am”.


We all have them. They, sometimes have such a huge impact on our lives, that they almost dictate what we are today. And because they are they, you would have hesitated to follow your heart – given a deaf ear to your heart speaking. They made you do that because they claim to know you and what is good for you, better than you do.

They make you follow a profession, whereas your heart may really be in the dance classes across the college gate. They tell  you to earn a living, whereas all you want to do is to contribute towards the old age home and look after orphaned children. They make you absorb the fact that you are a business person, while your heart may be into walking the ramp tall. And so much more.

Today, when you look at the mirror (hope you are still standing there), you have to let go the “They” and let your heart speak to you.

You must hear it and give it a shot because when you give that one shot for the sake of your passion, even if you fail, you will be satisfied that you tried and gave in the best. And that, my friend, is Beautiful!

Leave the world a tad nicer?

It is a freaking man’s world! You find them sort of ruling everywhere. But wait a second, aren’t we beautiful ladies a stronger human being. I mean, come on, we nurture and bring life to this world and I would not say more on our strength – that kind of says it all. We are Strong, period!

I believe so strongly in this concept and I know several other women doing the same. What takes me aback is when I see some of us demanding a seat in the public transport because she is a woman (of strength, remember?). She doesn’t have a baby bump and all her limbs are in tact, but she would still demand that seat or jump a long queue, because she is a woman.

The same woman of strength yelling on top of the world demanding equality with the man. Trust me, there are zillions of women out there doing and thinking like that. We got to change it; we got to respect our strength, which by all means, is beautiful.

It doesn’t take much to change the world. Because, we have the power to change one thought which is ours. We have the power to mould the thoughts of our children – no matter what gender. Change one thought today, change a life today because, tomorrow these thoughts would make this world a better and respectful place to live in.

I am determined to make you believe that you are beautiful as I don’t have any doubts. However, you can stand in front of the mirror all your life and have questions and answers, more questions and more answers. And then there would be this one day, where, you see yourself almost dead and that my friend will be too late.

So, before the wrinkles creep in, before the bones give up, take in a deep breath and exhale slowly (you should actually feel your breath) – you are what you are, without the They, without the heart breaks, the self-doubt and the fear – And that makes you BEAUTIFUL.