Travel during off seasons

5 Advantages Of Traveling During The Off Season

There are few differences between the seasoned travelers and the rest of the travelers. They exactly know when to book the flights, how to save in accommodations, how to strike deals and how to make the most of the numerous offers the travel agencies make. So, there are a lot of things to pick up from these travelers. And recently, I have begun to learn the outcome of traveling to any destination during off season. Believe me, I’d never expected to experience this, but I was awe inspired by the degree of advantage it can make.

Travel during off season
1. The Place Is Not Overcrowded

I’d no idea that this would turn around so many things. If you’ve ever been to the same destination during the typical peak season and the off season, you could relate to me instantly. The way locals treat the tourists when there aren’t many of them is worth noticing – the huge discounts and the special attention which you receive and so on. You begin to feel like a mini celebrity in the town!

2. The Tickets Are Cheaper

An intense traveler alone knows how the fluctuating prices of flights are directly proportional to his/her bank balance. Although booking flights in advance is of paramount importance to minimize the travel costs, you may have to shell out the few extra bucks sometimes. But, out of curiosity I just looked up the cost of flight from a destination to another during the time when less people traveled there and I was flabbergasted by the huge margin of difference in prices! Obviously, I am not telling you to fly to the Himalayas during the freezing times! My point is, identifying the ideal places to travel and booking flights during off time could always make you spend far lesser than the usual times.

3. Accommodation Is Not Expensive And Is Easily Available

In fact, many times you could get to enjoy the luxurious stay of a star hotel within your budget – thanks to the heavy slashes in prices the hotels give in order to draw more people during the off season. If you check online for the prices, you could witness almost a mini war between the travel websites and hotel pages trying everything to get your attention flashing the ‘reduced costs’ headlines. Most of them are really cheaper as they promise. And who wouldn’t want to enjoy the grandeur and the opulence when offered at their convenience? Cheers to the off season.

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4. Many Activities/Sightseeing Options Are Open

I’m tempted to add here “at a lesser price“, but it’s just not only about price here – You could get a whole new range of activities to enjoy and take part during the not so peak times. This is because – firstly fewer people means more chance for you to avail the activity and the whole new and beautiful experience that comes in. When I visited Nainital last year during new year’s eve, we could not get the tickets for the cable car no matter what(despite the advance booking options) – the reason being the peak season. And when we hired a taxi to reach the hill top with a broken heart, the driver himself told us that the view of the town has to be best experienced by taking the cable car and how wonderful the view would look like. He even suggested we go there during the off season to easily avail the cable car. So, along with the activities, the unmatched enthralling experience comes in. And it is better that we plan accordingly to have maximum fun.

5. Explore More Destinations Within The Same Budget During The Off Season

The money that would still remain could be used to explore new places that weren’t in your plan otherwise. In a way, this is a way of treating yourself with more amazing destinations and fantastic experiences all the while being well within your budget. Gift yourself a bonus destination this off season.

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Overall you could have a most awesome trip with all these things happening. Do you agree with me? If yes, then start scouring the internet for viable destinations and begin planning! If otherwise, tell me how do you feel about traveling during the off seasons – do you thoroughly enjoy it? Have I missed any of the thoughts or overlooked something?

Travel and share your journeys. I am all ears!

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