Srimad Bhagavad Gita – a 700-verse Hindu scripture in Sanskrit is part of the Hindu epic Mahabharata. We know of many great leaders, scientists in India and outside of India who read Bhagavad Gita and how it helped them to evolve as better and enriched human beings and masters in what they did.

When Arjuna, the great warrior was caught in a whirlpool of emotions thereby impacting his relationship with his self and his duty on the battlefield of Kurukshetra; the teachings of his best friend and mentor Lord Krishna in the form of Gita was the savior to lead him in the right direction. These teachings helped him to serve his duty with complete focus and clarity.

spirituality at workplace

Today and in every stage of our life, we are in a state of Kurukshetra. We are always in a state of conflict with our mind and emotions. In this battlefield of conflicts, we need a sense of balance, the steadiness of our emotions to take the right decisions for the betterment of society and not just in the relation of our self.

Spirituality And You

The term “Spirituality” has been made so formal that it now sits on a pedestal and not in reach of a person in the professional arena. However, this is exactly what we need to add to our professional or rather all aspects of our life. With spirituality comes the vision that is beneficial to not just only to the organization and its employees or its customers, but also to the society in general.

Now, what do we mean by adding spirituality to our professional life? It simply means practicing righteousness, values, ethics, happiness to one’s daily work. It does not mean spending hours reading the spiritual text but not adopting in practicality. And Gita teaches us the right way of balancing our emotions (what we can also call- emotional intelligence) and focusing on the ‘work’ without brooding too much on the end result.

When we become too much focused on the end result, we lose focus on the effort and get anxious. And anxiety can never let us excel, anxiety can never let us be in peace and not being in peace means taking the wrong decisions and lack creativity. Aren’t all these required to excel in our business or work- creativity, focus, peace, non-anxiety? It is, very much, indeed.

In our journey to move faster in life, in our journey to excel, it is very important to add the spiritual component so that we remain completely focused and emerge as a true winner in the battle of our mind. Just like Arjuna.

Agree to disagree with me? Do let me know why. Your perspective is valuable.

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