This little girl proves that if you are brave enough, nothing can come between you and your dreams.

She not only fought cancer but also stunned everyone with her beautiful dance moves. But, what makes her story more inspiring is she lost one of her legs to cancer at a tender age of 11. But it could not stop her from pursuing her passion for dance.

Girl Who Fought Cancer

Anjali performing on stage

Recently, at a medical conference, Anjali danced with one leg and stunned everyone in the audience. Her resilience, patience, and zeal to move forward in life are winning hearts online.

The 3-minute viral video was shared by one of the doctors, Dr.Arnab Guha, which garnered 3k views, shared 2.9k times and 332 people have commented on his heart-warming post till now.

He wrote- “One of the best parts of the Conference. Anjali, who dreamt of becoming a great dancer lost her left leg at the tender age of 11 to cancer. Our treating doctors and nurses inspired her with the story of Sudha Chandran. She fought back to become an outstanding dancer within a couple of years, winning several accolades and hearts. She fulfilled my wishes by performing in the Surgical Oncology Conference Inauguration to this particular Shreya Ghoshal number, sending a strong message to all about how to face Cancer with a grit even at her age. She will remain my inspiration. God bless her…

Watch the video here:

Two weeks back, Anjali was performing at NATCON IASO 2019, which is an annual conference for medical personnel teamed up with surgical oncology in Kolkata, where she was dressed in a lehenga and was dancing to Shreya Ghoshal’s famous hit, ‘Mere Dholna Sunn”.

What amazed the audience was that she was dancing with so much ease.