Seeing a mother burst into tears at his center, Professor Ramamoorthi approached her to ask her for the reason.

My son is 8 years old and all these years he had never looked at my face. Today, now, he looked at me“, she said. The drama for autism classes was helping this mother and son to bond.

Determined to dispel the negative perceptions people have of those with autism, Prof. Ramamoorthi decided to use drama and theatre as a tool to engage and empower these children.

His classes not only provide the children with a safe space but also bring them the joy. In addition, the drama helps prepare these children for basic social situations.

I want every child with autism to be happy, smiling and living the life of their choice,” he says.

Some in the neuroscientific community think that people with autism have no imagination, no empathy. I would steadfastly tell them: Look, they can write poetry, they can paint, they can perform on stage. If this is not imagination, then imagination has to be redefined.

Drama, I thought, should be part of their life, so that they can look at life in a beautiful way…“, he continued.

Thanks to Prof. Ramamoorthi’s efforts! Hopefully, more parents will have tears of joy connecting better and more with their child.

Dr.Parasuram Ramamoorthi is a Playwright, a Poet, and a Drama Therapist.

How To Help Prof. Ramamoorthi

Sign up for an online Drama course for Autism, developed by theatre studies professor Parasuram Ramamoorthi, especially if you are an individual, school or center working with or caring for those with autism. The fees go directly to support Velvi’s work.

You may also support Velvi’s Art for Autism festival, which is held in different parts of India every year. Velvi is also looking to hold the festival in other countries, where those with autism and their families learn art, music, drama, and movement, with the help of experts from India and the US.

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