Publishing content that is interesting and high quality can increase views to 4,108 and will increase SEO ranking as well. This can mean huge success for a business.

Quality content is necessary for startup companies as well as entrepreneurs in all industries.

For example, is a software program that hit the market in 2011. That year Girish, who is the founder of the company, shared an article about his motivations to start this company. There are some things that have worked for him that can help others.

The site was shared on Ycombinator Hacker News and that lead to 30,000 new views a day as well as 175 people signing up in the site within just 2 days.

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In the month of March, an experiment was performed. We are going to tell you about Lighting Shoes which is a small e-commerce store for shoes that light up using LED lights. We purchased this site earlier in the year. There have been some positive results for our business.

We shared our story on both and Here are the results:

  • On Reddit, we had 3,257 visitors and on Indiehackers we had 951 visitors to check out our shoes.
  • The main keyword used on Google is LED shoes. We were able to go from a position below 50 to the top 12 search results. Based on information from, we were able to make it in the top 50 due to 222 keywords we did not previously use.
  • We got 2 direct sales from referrals. We got another 11 sales due to our increased ranking.
  • Increased Public Relations. Kim Sims visited our site. She said not only did she want to purchase a pair of LED shoes for adults, she was going to submit them to Oprah’s Favorite Things in the magazine. She has not been back in touch with us but this was every exciting that our shoes reached this level.

Our company is changing to keep up with online marketing trends. There are some ways that your company can have results that are similar to ours. The more visible you are online the better your business will be. It also comes down to the content that you are posting online about your business.

1. Do Your Research

When writing content to get a higher ranking, the content should be simple and not overly complicated. Think of what the community wants to read when writing content. You need to publish content that is useful to the person that is reading it and has value.

It does not matter if the content is going to be posted on Reddit or the Huffington Post on the internet. The content should be centered around what the community wants to read. Participating in the community will help you learn what they like and focus content around this.

You need to learn about the community where you are going to be publishing your content.

To get an idea of what to write check out the past posts that were popular. It something was liked before chances are that it will become popular once again. This will give you a good starting point.

2. Choose An Idea

Once you get a feel for what the community is looking for, map out a plan for the content. In the center of a piece of paper develop a web. Put blog topics and branching off of that put some posts that have been popular.

Think about similar ideas that you can write about. You may also be able to expand on some of these topics. There may be current events that relate to these posts.

Write down as many ideas as you can. Think them over and look for something that catches your attention. Also, look and see what topic would provide valuable information to the read.

3. Write Quality Content

Unless your idea has 5 times the value of what is already available then do not start it. That was a good piece of advice that I was given.

If the content is not much better than the original content do not write it. Your content needs to provide value to the reader. You want them to think about it well after reading it and inspire them to seek out more information. The post you write should inspire people to change the way they conduct business, live their life, and make other changes.

4. Headlines

There are many blog posts that will teach you how to write a quality headline. When writing a headline it is important to:

  • Be specific and avoid generalizations
  • Curiosity is best when writing a headline
  • State a difference between what is being read and what is offered
  • Include stats and your experiences

Let’s take a look at a headline:

How I lost $2,000 last month in product sales and how you can fix the issue on your own shop in 10 minutes

  • The specifics: you are losing sales at your online shop.
  • This does raise curiosity and make you want to read more.
  • There are benefits, no one wants to lose sales.
  • States are used such as losing $2,000.

This is what a good headline can do.

5. Be Active

When you are able to get all of this together you can publish your content. Even after publishing content does not mean that you are finished.

We are going to look at Reddit and IndieHackers for example. Reddit can be a big investment. If you are looking for AMA you will need to log in every couple of hours. You need to be able to answer questions in a timely manner and respond to feedback.

If you do not respond to a user you can lose him. The positive comments can also turn negative very quickly.

IndieHackers is a little different. I was able to get 5 comments on this site. While this was helpful, Reddit provided me with many more comments. I was able to get over 300 there.

If you are there for your community and provide them interesting and valuable content they will reward you and your business in the end.

Now get out there and blow up your content marketing.

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