Shikhil Sharma is an engineering student from NIIT University and a certified information security expert who has been acknowledged by Yahoo, Microsoft, Mediafire, etc. for finding outing security bugs in their websites. He has also helped government institutions in fixing security loopholes.

We got a chance to catch up with Shikhil and talk about his start up Czar Security and his story…

Inception of Czar Securities

I grew up in Chandigarh a city which is close to my heart and did my schooling from St. Kabir school there. I was an average student who was always searching for something that excited me. My belief is that one should do only that thing which interests him/her. But once you find your interest the work you do should become synonym for your name like I want Czar Securities to be other name for Cyber Security.


Initially I planned a start up with four people but that didn’t work. So after that I planned my own start up and that’s when Czar Securities was created. The main motive behind Czar is to provide security to each and every person who uses computers – be it teens who get bullied online, girls whose pictures are misused or websites and accounts which get hacked.  Not only we help those who get hacked but also assess the security of individuals and website for loopholes and advise them on how they can secure themselves.

Czar Securities has provided consulting to individuals who have faced a cyber security breach and we have also done security testing of e-commerce portals. We were cyber security partners for Mood Indigo too. Our team comprises of Abraham who looks into social media strategy development and content development, Gurjant is the security guy who has been acknowledged by Facebook, Yahoo, Ebay and many other companies for pointing security bugs. We outsource our graphics work from a friend’s start up Clouditzas.

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The Future

We aim to make Czar Securities as synonym of cyber security. In future we plan to educate more and more people about cyber security.  We are also working on cyber security based products and to provide quality education to people who have interest in this field.

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