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LOVE IS UNCONDITIONAL. You were actually never wrong my dear, only my expectations are hurting me a lot for loving you so much. Indeed, as I pen down, my thanks, my gratitude for not accepting me and to transfigure me into a beautiful strong girl which I am today.

There was a time when lying on my bed, somewhere searching for moon and stars to witness my feelings; we had spoken for the whole night. I held you tight in my arms, as my tears touch my lips through my cheeks, when my heartbeat cuddles with your word, my ears always awaited to listen to the most beautiful three letters word.

This relationship gets deeper and deeper, but as time passes by, I have realized your insecurity, uncertainty, timidity towards accepting our feelings for each other, naming “WHO AM I OF YOU” not to the world but to yourself first.

I have folded my tiny palms, serving my heart all out to you, knowing that you are going to break it all one day. I have never claimed you, demanded you, asked you for any particular place in your existence, but each time I had never been your priority also. I am not asking that every relation must be a fairy tale, but again I refuse to be a part of your selected days, time and hours as per your fondness.

I can feel Your breath on my neck but each breath I take is now questioning me of my existence in your life. My ears never beheld those beautiful three letter words which you sharply rejected many times to utter. My eyes never shower with the love of your acceptance. Over months, I had groomed only as your habit but not your insistence, your demand of the hour but not the need of your life, your words reached my ears but your feelings remained unspoken, untapped.

I don’t doubt all the time you had given me till now, all those seconds when u thought for me, all those texts you smiled and did, all those questions we exchanged, all my annoyance you accepted… but every time as you denied to NAME this relation, my existence in your life and my self-worth is being suffocated.

As I have decided not to love you back, please remember, you taught me to be a much stronger and a forgiving person. You are a beautiful soul so I had chosen you above your limitations.

When you love someone, you don’t love him in parts and pieces but you love him in package irrespective of everything, but when acceptance is denied, Love can never exist.

Take care and my Good wishes to you always.