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Power Dressing To Suit Your Body Type

You most certainly want to be tagged as a fashion DO, and not a fashion DON’T! When you dress up, you’re making a statement about your personality and lifestyle. You want to be able to strut your stuff in well-fitting clothes confidently. If your OOTD or “outfit of the day” does not suit your body frame, your clothes end up overwhelming you.

It is totally understandable why you want to look presentable at all times, whether you’re at work, school, clubbing, or simply hanging out with friends. It’s vital to know your body as well as the dress for your body type because you need to be able to accentuate and highlight your best features.

power dressing
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When you look at the Realisation Par dress catalog online, you will know what suits your frame the most. Consider the following power dressing tips below so you can pick the right set of clothes for any occasion regardless of your shape or size.

Creating Curves for the Straight Rectangle

A rectangle-shaped body means your width is almost similar from the shoulders down to the waist. Your priority should be to create the illusion of a shapely body, especially since the opposite sex loves curves. If you look at the Realisation Par dress shop, you will see that they have a bunch of what is known as waistless dresses with various patterns that will flatter your overall silhouette.

There are also trumpet or pencil skirts that emphasize your hips, creating a shapely bottom. The key is to highlight your middle, so another great option is a wrap-around dress that cinches right by your belly.

Curing the Inverted Triangle

An inverted triangle has broader shoulders, slim hips, and shapely legs. The tip is to balance your wide shoulders with your narrow lower body to create a harmonious figure. You will look best in wrap-style blouses, along with V-neck and scoop-neck tops. A-line skirts and flare dresses that spread out to your lower parts also work well because they enhance your shape by emphasizing your hips. Knowing what works for you means dressing for success.

Balancing the Pear

Having a pear body means your hips and bum are the widest parts of your whole body. Hip-hugging jeans and skirts make you look even more bootylicious. Your best bet is to accentuate the top half of your body to create a great overall figure. For your frame, an off the shoulder fit-and-flare dress will work wonders. Empire dresses also work to highlight the smallest part of your waist. Be sure to include structured jackets and eye-catching tops like an asymmetrical blouse to draw attention to your top half.

Appreciating the Hourglass

Consider yourself blessed and lucky if you have an hourglass body shape because this is considered one of the most balanced silhouettes with a small waist that is highlighted by a fantastic top and bottom. Your main objective is to draw attention to all your curves. Of course, you’ve got them in all the right places, so don’t hide them!

It is essential to find garments that highlight your bodies, such as jumpsuits, tailored blazers, and pencil type of skirts. Wrap dresses also work well to emphasize your small waist. Because you’re gifted with a great body, wide-leg pants will even look great on you.

Highlighting the Apple 

If you have an apple body shape, this means most of your weight is around the middle, while your limbs remain narrow. To draw away attention from these areas, you must highlight your shoulders and great legs. Steer clear from fitted tops, and instead, go for flowing tops and dresses that skim the body. You can also rely on shift dresses to show your great arms and legs. Low rise and straight-leg pants also complement your figure well.

You don’t have to be a famous fashion model to wear fabulous clothes. Always remember that the world is your runway, and you must always be ready to look the part. Power dressing isn’t just fit for the office where you show them who’s boss. You can dress well for any moment of your life by knowing what works for your frame.

Clothes mean nothing until you wear them and give them life with your personality. Style is all about showing the world who you truly are without even opening your mouth.



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