A creative person’s most important need is to create, write stories and bring it to life on a day to day basis. And, creativity lies in uniqueness. To give the world the stories you have lived and that have lived inside you.

This hunger to create and showcase their talent to the world triggered the actor brothers, Devansh and Dhruvin Doshi, to co-found a production house of their own. Afterglow Films Pvt Ltd is the brainchild of these two brothers who are willing to do much more than just acting. They want to paint the world with colors of their creativity through this platform using films and other content in the form of videos covering brands, corporate videos and anything under the sun in the world of internet or television. The production house is based in Bombay and was established in August 2017. As a part of the venture, they also have an initiative called ‘CineMinutes‘ which is films of about 1-2 minutes each.

Knowing The Doshi Brothers

Dhruvin is a 22-year-old BMM graduate and has been working as an actor since the age of 5. He has also worked as DA and Chief AD on commercials and has written and directed 3 short films. One of the short films he directed for Swachh Bharat entered the Top 20 out of 5000 entries from all over India. He has finished acting in 3 shows of a play which he also had co-written called Charlie and the Tin Can.

Devansh has been working in the industry for 17 years as an actor and his work profile includes more than 200 commercials for big brands like McDonald’s, Cadbury, Domino’s, etc. ‘One Fine Day’ is a short film directed by Devansh Doshi which was acquired by Pocket films and screened on NDTV Prime. It also has been part of International Film Festivals. He has also acted as the lead in a film called Evening Shadows, directed by a National award-winning director, which has been also accepted in the International Festivals.

The idea behind Afterglow Films was to create our own content having worked both on and off screen”, says Dhruvin.

Being ardent film lovers, they decided to make a few short films to get a head start so they could pitch with a good work profile in hand. The main aim to create the production house is to work towards making a film.

We have made short films on a budget close to nothing, so if any of the brands put in some money for the videos, we can give surety for a quality final product”, says Devansh. While they focus on the production house, they are also separately working as actors.

Having a production house seems to be such a cool step, but the struggle is no less. The biggest being the constant rejection. “As actors, writers, directors, and producers we have faced a lot of rejection on a daily basis which is usual in the industry. But here, the struggle is always internal because there are a lot of days when you have no work at all and you see your friends doing jobs’’, says Dhruvin. Over and above, the competition is immensely fierce. So it just gets tougher by the day.

Doshi brothers

Dhruvin and Devansh Doshi

Dhruvin and Devansh are in an on-going process to create new and better content and looking to collaborate with anyone and everyone who is as passionate about films as they are. While they’ve still not yet touched their peak of glory; they’re constantly climbing, brimming with ideas and not giving up on their dreams.

I think that’s the kind of motivation and inspiration one needs to take from this duo. The world needs more of such persistent people and ventures, for they understand that success does not come overnight. We do not know how many great start-ups and ideas are dying only because success hasn’t come easy for them.

You may write to them at afterglowfilms1@gmail.com or catch them on YouTube.