When you find shelter homes in style, it is your furry friends who get benefitted from it. While it is already too hard to resist their cute faces or little paws, but once they put on that bow tie, they just make you completely go aww!

Young entrepreneur Darius Brown, who hails from New Jersey’s Newark has pledged to find shelters for animals by making bow ties for cats and dogs with a belief that this will make them find more homes. If you browse his social media page, Brown goes by Sir Darius Brown and prefers to wear bow tie wherever he goes.

It helps the dog look noticeable, very attractive. It helps them find a forever, loving home… I love everything about dogs and cats,” said Brown while talking to Today.

This incredible journey began when Brown was eight and his older sister started making his bows in cosmetology school. At that young age, he was diagnosed with speech, comprehension and fine motor skills delays but helping out his sister with her sewing projects benefitted him.

To this, her sister also mentioned how previously her brother was having trouble using his hands properly and that tying a shoe was also challenging and therefore, she and their mother came up with the idea of creating a ribbon or cutting it and sewing the fabric together and this helped Brown to a great extent.

This is how Brown started making his own bows and he also started making these for this cute little friends because of his love for animals. His work is not restricted to a single country but his furry friends from across the globe are benefitting from it. Till now, he has donated 100s of bow ties to animal shelters.

If you want to know more about his initiative, check Beaux and Paws, where he’s started fundraising so that he is able to provide more ties. Apart from this, he also receives fabrics and supplies as donations from people, who support his cause with all their heart.

The best part is his efforts paid off and got recognition from former President Barack Obama who sent him a letter, praising him for this efforts last year.

In an interview with Today, Brown’s mother said, “The donations help a lot because we were just digging in our pockets, buying the fabric ourselves.”


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#tbt Some people doubted me, laughed at me, criticized me, some even said I was too young. But, I never let any of that negativity stop me. I never gave up. I’m extremely proud to know that I have been former “PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA APPROVED”. ***NEVER GIVE UP ON YOURSELF . . . *** Someone’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality -Les Brown @thelesbrown @barackobama #sirdariusbrown #beauxandpaws #barackobamaapproved #barackobama #letterfromobama #lesbrown #motivation #inspire #nevergiveup #goals #philanthropist #blackexcellence #youngentrepreneur #entrepreneur #mentors #faith #integrity #sacrafice #leadership #legacy #iamfisll #youth #dreambelieveachieve #blessed

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Dear Darius,” says the letter by Obama. “After hearing your story, I wanted to reach out to commend you for your commitment to community service. From founding Beaux and Paws to lifting up the lives of those around you, it’s clear you are doing your part to look out for your fellow citizens. And I trust you take tremendous pride in all you have accomplished.

As long as you stay engaged in the world around you, continue looking for ways to help others, and never give up on yourself, I’m confident our future will be bright. Know that I’m rooting for you in all you do, and I wish you the very best.”

Keep inspiring us, Sir Darius!