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Last weekend, while returning from office, I overheard two influential party to our life debating over their importance in our life. The first party was Morning and the second party was Evening.

Morning: Look, I wake-up people. They feel fresh, take bath and put on their best pair outfit to go to work. I give them hope.

Evening:  (With a sarcastic smile) You wake people up, when they feel like sleeping! You force them to take bath, when they feel like sitting on the porch and spend time with their loved ones.

evening sunset

Morning: What rubbish. How can you feed your family, if you don’t go out to work? Have you gone mad??

Evening:  Alright then say, you wake up people so that they can go out in search of food. Why are you claiming that you give hope to people? You don’t give them hope but compel them to bow to the temptation of fame, position, and material richness.

Whatever false hope you give them, I absorb those. I am the one who brings people closer to their family. The only time people feel happy is when they return home after work. When they have a cup of tea with their family. When they sit at the dinner table, with their loved one. When they switch off the lights to go to sleep.

Morning: What are you saying? Without me, there would not be any development in the world. I give energy to people. Morning is the time when the mind, body and soul are at its best. People do all the good things in the morning.  They pray, do exercise, yoga, and meditation. People are filled with dreams and they feel happy when these dreams are achieved. I give them the opportunity to chase their dream and make them happy

Evening: People pray to God, do exercise and meditation, only to overcome the side effects of their dreams, they so desperately pursue. Happiness is not only found in fulfilling dreams. There are numerous other ways to be happy. You can be happy by listening to music, talking, reading, spending time with friends, watching movies or simply sleeping. These are all stress busters and mostly happen, uninterrupted when I enter. Ask people, how much they hate you on a Monday. These same people eagerly wait for me every day and on Friday and Saturday, they just wish that I stay with them forever.

After listening to the delightful conversation, I realized there is a lot of brightness and positivity in darkness. I found Evening to be more appealing. No matter how pathetic we feel, the Evening always embraces us. Be it a millionaire or a rag puller, Evening gives him/her an opportunity to remove their mask and help them to unwind from all the burden.

For common people like us, when the day starts in the morning, we put on our mask and go on an auto-pilot mode, without knowing what the day has in store for us. Some choose to return back happy and some not. The days slowly turns to years and years into life. Finally, the Evening of Life comes to our life to rescue us from all the worries.

Suddenly, I started feeling good, realizing that  no matter we drove a Mercedes or rode a cycle in the morning of Life, the Evening of Life will definitely embrace us and give us the opportunity to remove our mask and  help us to unwind from all the burden. So, why worry, when God has created the beautiful Evening to take care of us.

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