The major reason behind the rise of the food truck business is the fun aspect that they bring along. Every once in a while you come across these amazing pictures of food trucks on social media. What you might not be aware is that a lot of effort goes into that picture and everything has to be perfect in order to create an Instagram worthy display picture. Tons of mechanics and detailing goes into the picture and as a food truck owner, a good set of pictures must be your primary priority, as it would help you harness the attention on social media platforms from day one.

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You need to prepare your truck before lining it up for the shoot. Make sure that your truck is clean and looks sleek, polish all the exterior parts and if possible get it detailed one day before the shoot. Getting a perfect food truck pose is all about lighting and truck, but a lot of it depends on the shutterbug. Remember that all the effort would go in vain if the hired photographer lacks the experience and eye for the truck.

In some cases, a novice photographer could help you get a perfect pose only because of his imaginative fresh ideas. Therefore, before shortlisting the photographer, conduct interviews. Tell them what you have in mind and then get their output on the requirements. Product shoot is always a collaborative effort and thus if both parties share the same vision, produced results could be astoundingly amazing.

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The location also determines the quality of a snapshot and poses vary from location to location. However, it is strongly suggested that you choose a location, which complements your truck. A photographer could help you in this regard, but if you are still confused then you must choose a famous spot in town, as this would help you grasp the immediate attention of viewers.

Capturing a good photograph is all about adjusting angles. However there are few portfolio angles which would aid you in covering a majority of your truck, these include 45-degree shots from both left and right, complemented by a head and side-on shots. Reflections and light are other important factors which play a fundamental role in determining the quality of a snapshot.

In case of an outdoor shoot, ideally, you would like the sun to be behind you or on either side of your truck. However, if it is a cloudy day, still you could get it right by adjusting the lighting later in editing.

Re-position your truck if you see any reflection on sides or on the front section of the vehicle, as reflections could potentially destroy a great picture. Moreover, it is difficult to get rid of reflections through editing. Since you are shooting a mammoth truck, you need ample space for both tighter and wider views ensuring you have enough space all around the truck.

Space lends freedom to the photographer and helps him in moving around and capturing the perfect pose for your truck.