Religion no bar for this Mosque in Hyderabad that is offering health services to the people of the city. Masjid-e-Ishaq, a mosque located at NS Kunta is taking care of the health-related issues faced by the 1.5 lakh people, mostly belonging to the disadvantaged section of the society.

Apart from that, this religious institution is likely to provide information and guidance for admission to 30-plus government hospitals. Further, it will also serve as a referral link for health-related services for people across religious lines.


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Early in November, the mosque committee teamed with Helping Hand Foundation (HHF), an NGO in Hyderabad to open a health center at the mosque premises. The collaboration will also benefit NS Kunta, residents of Achireddy Nagar, Vatapally, Chasma, Mustafanagar, Pahadi Guntal Shah Baba, Tekri Biryani Shah, Teegal Kunta, Jahanuma, Tadbun, and Fatimanagar.

In an interview with TOI, the HHF managing trustee Mujtaba Hasan Askari said, “The community health center at the mosque will serve as a referral link to about 30 state-run hospitals providing primary to tertiary health care.”

With the help of volunteers, the center will also provide primary medical help free of cost- be it diagnostics, vitals, performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation, wound management, maternal care, and physiotherapy. “It will assure patients of prompt, ethical and free treatment with a network of 100 volunteers,” Askari added.

While talking to TOI, the Khatib of the Majid-e-Ishaq, Maulana Faiq Khan said that the mosque will also conduct health education programmes for pregnant women, ensure 100% vaccination compliance for children in the area, and distribute nutrition kits to malnourished pregnant women. From time to time, screening for both lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cancer, kidney diseases, and infectious diseases like dengue and tuberculosis will be conducted as well.

In a time when anti-Muslim rhetoric is rising in the country, a noble initiative by this Mosque is an inspiration for religious organizations to come forward, serve people and restore peace.