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It’s good weather outside. The birds are chirping, the traffic is moving along. Nothing extraordinary has happened; for that matter it’s a rather ordinary day. But BAM! You are not happy.

You’re on the edge of your seat as your intern just quit and you are managing the HR work on your own. Your project payment is stuck. The office boy still can’t get the tea right and it’s too milky or too sweet. The client from abroad is being cheap and thinks your work is like a BPO service. The client from India is in the ever-so-poor mode and you wish there was a sandbag to punch right next to the whiteboard.

Well, the day slithers along but while ramming your head into the door is not an option; I have realized that certain games online do crack me up and can be mood changers.



Well, who doesn’t like Indian mythological characters, the costumes and the gadaas. It’s archaic and super simple. You could be shooting with a dhanush baan at your friend in this two-player game. It could be a garud astra or a manduk astra depending on your state of self-imposed anarchy.

Caution: Do not play this with your co-founder. Animosity manifests itself in the strangest of places!


Most entrepreneurs are engineers (Yes, I’m stereotyping here). Well, if you happen to remember Physics from class 11, this is your game. Forget Irodov, this game can teach you all about trajectory and projectiles. And what’s interesting is that it allows you to shoot a bunch of men wearing tuxes and hats. There are bombs that explode and boulders that fall. In the background, plays a tune straight out of your synthesizer from the late 80s.


I don’t need to write anything at all here. But the too-too-too-toontoontoon-too-too-too is soothing and you can’t help but make the little plumber jump his heart out. This game can go on and on and if you are looking for a time-killing device, this is it!


If you are looking for blood, gore and a sadistic game, this is the one. The idea is to make the stick like figure jump off a flight of a stairs. You make points off his fall. The harder he falls, the more you score. The idea is slightly disturbing but come-on, don’t judge me until you’ve played it.

And no, you don’t need motion sensors or a 3D TV or a fancy gaming console with ten weapons and 20 keys.  We all grew up on Dave, Aladdin, Prince and Nintendo cassettes with 99 games in one.  Hitting the space-bar real hard as I shoot reminds me of the simpler times!

So, what do you do to vent out your frustration?