A land that was the reason of argument between the two communities for years in Faizabad has finally ended.  and, the reason will melt your heart.

When Muslims were short of a burial ground in Belarikhan village, Hindus came forward to them with the help of the local BJP MLA Indrapratap Tiwari.

According to the TOI report, on June 20, Surya Kumar Jhinkan Maharaj, who is a local seer has signed the registered deed for 1.25 bissas of land along with eight other shareholders so that the dispute between Hindus and Muslims can be put to rest forever.

According to the records, that piece of land belonged to the Hindus. While talking to India Today, Jhinkan Maharaj mentioned, “This land belonged to the members of the Hindu community, as per records, and it is adjacent to a qabristan(graveyard). Sometimes they buried their dead in our land. Sometimes we reacted, but the practice continued”. Due to this, there was always quarrels and tensions which had to be settled.

It was a gift deed by eight members of the Hindu community who gifted their land to the Muslim community for a graveyard through proper deed and stamp duty. The president of the committee, Vais Ansari said “Ram Prakash Bablu, Ram Singar Pandey, Ram Shabad, Jiya Ram, Subash Chandra, Rita Devi, Vindhyachal and Awadhesh Pandey, along with the seer, were signatories who transferred the deed in favor of Qabristan Committee, Gosaiganj, in the office of sub-registrar of Sadar tehsil of Faizabad. Ownership will soon be entered in revenue records.” Further, this was also confirmed by Sub-registrar SB Singh as well that the land was indeed transferred to Muslims for the burial purposes.

History stands as a witness that brotherhood in Faizabad is decades old and this act of compassion was like a token of love from Hindus to Muslims so that the peace triumphs,” adds BJP MLA Indrapratap Tiwari.

These acts of communal harmony reassure that everyone can coexist if only we wish to.