You can influence the world in a positive manner in whatever way you like. But have you ever heard of a bee influencer? Well, according to numerous media reports, the world’s first insect influencer is ‘B’ (on social media). 

By posting some amazing photographs on Instagram, this bee influencer wants to send an important message- To create awareness among people to save the world’s bees. Run by a French philanthropic network, Fondation de France, this page has more than two lakh followers.

The foundation’s aim is to save the bee population by protecting these humble insects. All the posts urge the netizens to come forward and work on this issue. Not just that, to make the posts engaging, the founders also add fun facts and information about the insect.  Also, it aims to earn funds to preserve and save bees.

In case you don’t know, bees are active pollinators and play a significant role when it comes to the food supply. But sadly due to factors like intensive farming techniques and overuse of pesticides, the bee population is in a precarious condition.