This photo was clicked at Hyderabad’s Deval Jham Singh Government School and was first published in a Telegu Daily with the caption “Akali Choopu’, which means “Hungry Look’. 

In the picture, one can see the photo of a girl, Divya, with an empty bowl is standing outside the classroom and peeking inside in the hope to get some leftovers from the lunch. According to several reports, Divya’s parents reside in a nearby slum and one of her parents is a garbage collector and the other is a sweeper. But, sadly, after both her parents went out of work, the family was starving and this led her to visit a nearby school daily so that she can get some food to counter her hunger. 

In no time the picture went viral on social media and the next best thing happened.

The heart-wrenching picture moved many hearts online. However, one person, Venkat Reddy, took the next steps and came forward to ensure that she got enrolled in the same school and that she also gets a mid-day meal every day.

Why not this child is enrolled and have her right to food and right to education…it’s a shame…

Posted by Venkat Reddy R on Wednesday, November 6, 2019

This thought-provoking photo caught the attention of Venkat Reddy, who is the National Convenor at the MV  Foundation, an NGO that is effectively working to ensure the rights of the girl child. He took it to Facebook to share the clipping of the newspaper and wrote: “Why not this child is enrolled and have her right to food and right to education…it’s a shame…

Divya exercised her constitutional right to be in school. Today our team and other community members admitted her in the…

Posted by Venkat Reddy R on Thursday, November 7, 2019

Moved by the sad post, Reddy got in touch with his organization and other volunteers in the area and ensured that Divya gets access to her basic rights. After that, the humble man also shared a photo of Divya and her parents on the first day of the school in which her head was tonsured and she was wearing a new uniform.

ఈ రోజు దివ్య నివసించే ప్రాంతానికి వెళ్ళాను. దివ్య బడి ముందు భోజనం కోసం నిలబడిన ఫోటో సంచలనం చేసిన విషయం తెలిసిందే. దివ్య…

Posted by Venkat Reddy R on Friday, November 8, 2019

Also, in another post, Reddy shared that the girl was happy to enjoy a good meal and get admission in the school. The good samaritan didn’t stop there. He visited the girl’s home and put the problems faced by these poor people under the limelight. 

Truly, a compassionate heart can create a big impact with little changes and shape someone’s future.