This story is meant to be heard because it is so inspiring in a time when so many of us are protesting against gender inequality and climate injustice. A Dalit wedding in the nondescript Dalit-dominated Karoli village of Bhiwadi has sent a strong message to oppressed traditions and age-old social taboos.

Their marriage was solemnized on the intervening night of October 14 and 15 and the groom, Ajay Jatav, gifted a full-fledged library to the villagers.

dalit wedding bhiwadi

Image for representational purpose only | source: Pixabay

Jatav, who works for a private company in Hyderabad had an unusual plan to welcome the ‘baraatis’. Instead of asking them to enjoy the wedding or engage in rituals, he asked them to check out the library to increase their understanding and knowledge.

But do you think the bride has not done anything cool like her groom? Well, you are wrong!

Babita Jatav rode a chariot to the groom’s house for a reason. She wanted to send the message of gender neutrality and social equality, that too in a region where people belonging to the Dalit community are often prevented from using chariots for marriage ceremonies or using horses for weddings.

While talking to TOI, Babita said, she and her husband have decided this for quite some time that their wedding should provoke the thought of social justice in the society. Also, there was no exchange of gifts. It was a simple wedding.

I am happy that our ideas were accepted by both families and I hope that the society will follow the new rules set by our marriage,” said Babita. 

What’s more? This wedding was an eco-friendly one as well. Not only the couple explained the ‘baraati’ the short meaning of the Indian Constitution but also distributed saplings to them.

There is more to this wedding and why it is a sustainable one. Every ritual they practiced was without the use of plastics and only steel utensils were present. Further, the water was also served in traditional earthen glasses and not disposable glasses. 

In case you are not already overwhelmed, the wedding card was also wrapped in a piece of cloth and the groom said, he is inspired from the fact how Prime Minister Narendra Modi is battling plastic pollution in the country and Ajay also wanted to do his bit to protect the mother nature. 

How are you going to plan your wedding?