Have you found the love of your life and just waiting for the right moment to pop the question? Every woman expects the day she gets proposed and get married to be perfect. Proposals are a very important part of a woman’s life, which she remembers and cherishes forever. It’s not just about what you say, it’s also about how and where you say it.

Coming up with a perfect plan and executing it, in the same way, may sound easy but it can be quite a challenge for men. To plan a picture perfect day, here are some ways you can use to make the day unforgettable for her.

Keeping It Romantic

propose a girl

Choose a place which is special for you both with a sentimental value. A place where you two first met or went for your first date. Nothing can beat a romantic ambiance. Use fireworks and roses to set the mood, along with some music that she likes. A collection of photographs or decorate with candles. Put on a T-shirt or use a balloon to convey your message to her in the most romantic way. Anything romantic can melt her heart and make her amazed.

Propose Her On A Holiday

propose her on holiday

It’s that time of the year where people goes on a summer break. This is the perfect opportunity for you. Take her on a holiday. Make it special and plan small surprises along the trip and plan your proposal at the end of the trip. This will totally surprise her and it will be the most memorable trip of your life. A perfect proposal story to tell.

A Surprise Plan

propose and surprise her

Plan a surprise that she can never think of. The expressions on her face will be worth watching. You can record her reaction on video. Invite your friends and family over. Involve them in your surprise party too. They’ll be there to celebrate afterward, making the day even more memorable.

What She Likes

propose and make her happy

Whether it is her favorite music track or a movie or a television series. Plan a proposal that involves something she likes. It will make it more special. The music running in the background or recreating a scene from her favorite movie. It will definitely make her go crazy.

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