Whether you want to declutter your makeup collection, go for a more natural look, or simply want more lightweight and breathable makeup during the summer, creating a minimalist makeup routine is your best bet. The key to achieving this gorgeous look is to opt for products that enhance your natural beauty, instead of masking it, and strive for a simple, yet still very polished and refined appearance. So, here are some tips for creating the perfect minimalist makeup routine:

Develop a good skincare routine

Regardless of the makeup look you choose, having a healthy skin is the most important aspect, as your makeup only looks as good as the canvas underneath it does. The basic course of action is to allow your skin to breathe more often than you apply layers of makeup to it. The next step is applying a quality moisturizer every day, as hydration is the key to a healthy, glowing complexion. Finally, never underestimate the importance of sunscreen, as the sun is the most damaging factor when it comes to the health and beauty of our skin.

Avoid heavy full-coverage foundations

Instead of heavy foundations that almost create a mask on your face, opt for a lightweight BB or CC cream that contains SPF. Not only will it even out your complexion and moisturize your skin in the process, but it will also protect your skin from sun damage, acting as a double-duty product. Of course, if you have flawless skin, you might even want to skip this step altogether.

Opt for a lightweight concealer

There is truly no need to smother your whole face with a full-coverage foundation, when any imperfections you may have can easily be covered with a good concealer. Apart from erasing the occasional blemish, a lightweight concealer can also brighten the under eye area, or even double as an eye shadow base or primer.

Go for natural-looking lashes

When it comes to minimalistic makeup, the best mascara is no mascara at all. However, not all of us were lucky enough to be born with voluminous lashes, which is why it might be a great idea to incorporate a good eyelash growth serum into your routine. Alternatively, instead of a harsh black mascara, you can opt for one in a brown hue, for a more natural eye look.

Choose your eye shadow carefully

To achieve a natural-looking minimalist eye makeup look, the best idea would be to choose a neutral eye shadow hue with just a hint of shimmer or shine. This will allow you to easily build up the color as needed to take you from day to night, or for a special event. Cream-based eye shadows are a great option, as they can be applied quickly and easily, without leaving a powdery mess, but they can also double as a subtle eyeliner.

Always keep your brows groomed

Neatly groomed eyebrows are incredibly important for any makeup look, but especially a minimalistic one. Apart from the basic upkeep of your natural brows, you can easily achieve a simple, natural look by lightly lining your eyebrows and filling in any gaps with a brow pencil that most closely resembles your hair color. If you have fuller eyebrows, the easiest way to achieve a natural look, without going overboard, is by simply combing through your brows with a tinted brow gel.

Pick a lightweight bronzer

Even though contouring is extremely popular nowadays, it might be too harsh for a natural, minimalistic look. Instead, adding a bit of light bronzer will give you just the right amount of natural definition to the cheekbones and the jawline, while giving you a healthy, sun-kissed look. Even though a simple shimmery bronzer will be enough to brighten up your face, you can also choose a matte option, then add some natural glow and a pop of color with a liquid highlighter on the cheekbones, and a lightweight blush on the cheeks.

Opt for subtle and sophisticated lips

The last step that pulls the whole look together, lips are an incredibly important part of any minimalist makeup routine. A hydrating lip gloss with buildable color might be the best option for achieving a natural look, as it can easily help you transition from day to night with a few extra swipes. A tinted lip balm is also a great way to give your lips that subtle pop of color, while still maintaining healthy hydration. Even though lipsticks might be too cakey for such a natural look, a light formulation in a nude, shimmery shade might also be a good addition to a minimalist makeup routine.

If you are hoping to streamline your beauty routine, creating a minimalist makeup collection using these incredible tips is the best way to go, as it will keep you looking naturally gorgeous all day, every day.