For a lot of people, the idea of publishing a book might seem like a distant pipe dream. But few realize how straightforward the process really is, and how democratized publishing is nowadays. In reality, all you have to do is have a manuscript, have someone print and distribute it for you, and find an audience. While this may have been very difficult not too long ago, technology is making it easier than ever for people to self-publish. If you want to publish your own book and are on a limited budget, here’s what you can do.

how to publish a book

image source: Pixabay

Find a Publishing Service

There are plenty of online self-publishing services that will print your book for you and send them to your customers. Book distribution services like Gatekeeper Press, for instance, will design a beautifully designed paperback or eBook version of your manuscript and even proofread/edit it for you. Your book will then be available to sell through any channel that you want, either online or at any bookstore. This online self-publishing company will also allow you to keep all of the royalties you make from your book, unlike a traditional distribution service.

Consider Selling the eBook First

eBooks are easy to make and distribute. One of the best ways to get attention for your book is to have it in an eBook version first and advertise it through your blog. The blog itself could be about your writing and could have interesting short stories. You could then start building a following by joining communities that could be interested in your kind of writing and getting active, letting them know that you are a writer of course.

Repackage it

You might also think about repackaging your book to attract a wider audience. For instance, Hugh Howey, the man who wrote the sci-fi bestseller Silo, released it as a novella series instead of in one piece. This made it much more accessible, but also created a sense of suspense in the audience. Think if you could do the same with your novel, or even turn it into an illustrated series.

Learn How to Master Amazon and the Kindle Store

Amazon is your friend if you’re trying to publish a book of any kind, and that’s what it was created for in the first place. You have to understand things such as Amazon optimization so you can create descriptions that will attract people who are looking for your type of book. You also have to learn how to use the “also searched for” function to your advantage.

One thing you could do, for instance, is looking for books that are similar to yours, and look at what other books people who bought this book searched for. You could then create a list, and have your book in the featured section every time someone searches for them.

Publishing a book is easier than ever, and if you have a great manuscript, there is no reason for it not to be successful. Make sure that you follow these few tips, and also learn as much as you can about the business side of publishing if you want to increase your chances of getting a hit.