Those mornings, when you don’t want to get out of bed. Your work doesn’t fire you with enthusiasm anymore – now it makes you feel exhausted. The kick goes missing. It seems like you’ve been slogging for multiple things for so long now, and you still have a long way to go. Even when you did your best to cut through the many roadblocks, plateaus and deep valleys along the way, a sudden storm blows of the carpet below your feet. Who’s to be blamed? You, yourself. All justifications go for a toss, as you feel your hard work, struggle, integrity and honesty go unnoticed; trust is lost on both sides. And motivation goes away, self motivation rather in cases like such!

demotivated disheartened

Typically, you will find that you are stuck because the forward path isn’t obvious. You might think there’s no path at all, or you might have so many directions to choose from that you are paralyzed. Looking at the big picture gives you the perspective you need to make a decision for your earning.  “Find a job” or “Start your own” are two options that come to your mind and its a question you repeatedly hear from your  your colleagues / well wishers. In many cases, there won’t be one perfect route towards your goal. You need to find one step that you can take which would get you closer. Don’t worry about mapping out the whole path: often, your options will become clearer once you’ve taken the first steps. One always needs to look at what makes them “Happy” and gives the mental peace every night you go as you go off to sleep. Happy people are more successful, more creative, energetic, resilient and manage every situation that life throws them into. The number one factor in our happiness is the quality of our relationships in the inner & outer circle.

Circling back to the next best decision in that typical situation when you are not only demotivated but disheartened. Quitting a job can negatively impact your career and disrupt your personal life. But staying in an undesirable situation can be worse. Having said that, having an honest conversation with your boss about how you are perceived and what you are capable of achieving in your role is probably the best step forward. Just keep in mind, How you leave is as important as how you arrive!