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Broken apart, I was into pieces. I was so lost, that even hope couldn’t find me. Nothing was left inside, not even a thought of fixing myself again. I had given it up completely, just moving with the flow.

Events were so unrelenting on me that even agony had crossed its limits. I was in no dilemma to choose between emotions of happiness and sorrow or pain and strength. I had already picked up the neutral stance. I wanted to be nowhere in this game.


You came into my life, I don’t recollect how but we became friends. You made me laugh, you made me cry, we shared secrets and had many fights. We have spent days and days, and nights too, talking to each other endlessly. I had but found a reason to believe again in faith and honesty. My world had changed, not that it didn’t have other factors or people; but you had become one of its most beautiful chapters.

In-jokes or in unknown inspiring moments, you introduced me to what I couldn’t figure out for ages. No idea did I have, that a decision as trivial as that would be such a life changer; no second thoughts, life sometimes makes you feel just like a hanger.

Then came a tornado, I could see you were going away. I tried and tried and tried but you never came back the same way. We were losing our bond, all the essence that our friendship had. Our ways were definitely parting, all seemed bad. The indelible pain was what re-entered, happiness had once again withered.

No matter how difficult it was, there were lessons that I learned. Connecting all the dots, I now know the reasons I burnt.

I learned that not everyone is meant to be forever, forever is a thought cynical. Everything is meant to end when its time is over, there is no bond perpetual. Balance is the big game; it all comes down to cipher. If it is what has given you immense joy, it can give you equal sorrow at the speed of changing the weather.

I hated you then, feeling helpless and once again broken down. Never did I foresee, the events were giving me a success’ crown. Today when I look back, I know I wouldn’t have been here without those lessons strong. It gives me the courage to keep moving and telling myself that it’s ok sometimes if things go wrong.

You taught me things umpteen, for no matter how minute they were, they at times guide even my routine.

It hurts still, to think we can never be what we were, but I am glad that I had someone to give me the best days of my life. Our ways are apart, but memories never leave our minds. You gave me the most cherished ones that can be treasured for a lifetime. I’ll always feel blessed that I had someone like you. Though it didn’t last forever, such moments we only share with a few.

Today whatever I am, it’s only because of you. Had you not been there, I would still be lost, it’s true.

I was broken into pieces, trying to fix myself, totally in dismay.
I had become a mess, not able to contain myself when you came along the way.
Sombre were days, nights were grim.
All I could feel was the haunting past, in verbatim.
Nothing felt to be fine; all hopes had reached the peripheries.
But you came with a reason, to manage it all, Thank you for the memories.

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