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Life is an unbelievably long, tiring, often overwhelming journey of emotions, feelings, and realizations. Every once in a while, we could find ourselves so sapped by our very own existence; silver linings disappear, battles are fought, wars are lost; and all of this, personally happen in the littleness of our own lives. One solace that I find especially beautiful in this direction is how literature, and poetry, in particular, is capable of healing a broken heart, of mending a shattered spirit, and rekindling a passion for even a life lost to boredom, apathy, and constant trouble.

In this age of technology, and highly constrained reading time, and of the world being more connected than ever, here are 13 poets who you should follow, for in their pens and other writing accessories, they hold words that are capable of lighting up your world.

1. Atticus

The poet is one who brings hope, while not in the least escaping the harshness that life and relationships we form are capable of causing.

Saftey in Storms. #storms #words #poems

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2. Nikita Gill

Nikita Gill’s poetry is the celebration of emotion, a description of a plethora of feelings that make us stronger, break us down, and make us what we are.

3. Rupi Kaur

Rupi Kaur brings to poetry a style that is uniquely her: stately and yet grounded, proud and progressive, and more than anything, unfazed and hope-giving.

4. Cleo Wade

Every once in a while, you must enthuse your tired soul with the kind of literature Cleo Wade writes. Her words are a friendly reminder that there are better things, always.

5. Mason Fowler

Mason Fowler is definitely among the more aggressive poets on this list, but as scrolling through his poems would prove, most times, the passion in words is easy to see in these short, often sensual bits of writing.

6. Tyler Knott Gregson

There is a certain sense of moroseness that Gregson attaches, apparently, from his own soul to his words. Short, often pain-induced, and in the quickest sense of emotion, these poems are but fleeting.

7. Nayyirah Waheed

Extremely sparing with her words, Nayyirah Waheed’s poetry is rife with emotion, empathy, a keen sense of understanding, and an underlying feeling of always being aware.

8. Amanda Torroni

Amanda Torroni’s poetry is a perpetuation of the struggle that is finding oneself in the self and in our interactions with others. Her metaphors and situations are infectious enough to relate to, and then feel a little too attached to, almost.

14/30 – LOVE & OTHER PLAGUES the sea. the sea. the sea.

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10. Richard Dappa

Richard Dappa’s poetry is pretty and sad and wholesome and about everything, and about nothing, all at the same time. His words may change, poem to poem, his surety about life, not so much.

11. Poetic Spill

Natalie Jeanty aka Poetic Spill has her words flowing down like water over the smooth ground; they affect beautifully the life they can, and they swiftly drown out any preconceived notion that would seem otherwise.

-Going Nowhere @poeticspill

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12. Cindy Cherie

Cindy Cherie has a relationship with love, belonging and knowing herself, all overflowing unabashedly through her words; but one thing stays- her conviction to herself and her belief in her words.

13. Natalie Jensen

Explosive. That’s a single word that universally explains Natalie Jensen’s writing style. I personally love her poetry a lot more because of the unapologetic nature in dealing with subjects in her poetry that have brought her sadness, rejection, and remorse.

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