Only coffee addicts will understand the importance of one cup, two cups, three cups and more. So what’s new here?

People are going crazy over one quirky and new ingredient to coffee and guess what is it? Mushroom!

Even though mushrooms have been known for its medicinal properties for centuries, but hardly anyone could have imagined that it can be an ingredient for coffee.

How is it made?

Want to try it? Get it here.

A brand called Four Sigmatic has come up with this interesting idea. Company’s founder, Tero Isokauppila explains the purpose of using mushroom in coffee. He says to Washington Post that mushrooms come with plenty of health benefits. He dwelled on the kinds like reishi, a mushroom he says will keep your skin healthy, chaga, which he says is rich in antioxidants, cordyceps, which he says enhances performance, as mentioned by ANI report.

Mushrooms are not restricted to coffee alone but are also added as an ingredient in shakes and tea. Further, the report mentioned that in Lifehouse Tonics, a wellness cafe in Los Angeles- you can order a lemon juice tea with mushrooms in it or a “shroom shake”.

Don’t miss out on the health benefits

The mushroom coffee has anti-inflammatory properties, regulates blood sugar levels and increases metabolism rate.

So before you go to Starbucks and burn a hole in your pocket, check out this healthy alternative!