Is Your Corporate Lifestyle Pushing You Towards Serious Health Risks?

Aches And Pains In The Body, Lack of Sleep, Irritated At Small Issues, Physical/Mental Fatigue, Poor Digestion, De-motivation, Low Immunity, Depression, Poor Appetite, Too Many Cups of Tea/Coffee in a Day, Morning Fog, Cravings For Sweets/Chocolates/Junk Food, Poor Sex Drive, Short Temper, etc.

Can you relate to or experience any one or more of the above symptoms at any point of time? If the answer is Yes to even one of them, then there might not be anything to worry much as of today, but you are definitely heading fast towards major health issues in near future.


The causes of the above could be any of the following:

  • Poor Nutrition
  • Less Number of Proper Meals A Day
  • Dehydration
  • Exposure To Pollution
  • Mental Stress
  • Lack Of Exercise
  • Ageing
  • Skipping Breakfast
  • Good Quality Proteins Deficient Diets
  • Over Worked
  • Professional Baggage Carried Home
  • Lack Of Oxygen Consumption

Our body keeps working and uses energy from the moment we are born till the time we are alive. Yes, we not only use energy for exercise or swimming but also to digest our food or to breathe or to shout at our children or subordinates and even to think. Brain commands control over every thing that is happening in our body and the brain uses glucose as a source of fuel. Now, when we skip meals or keep longer than 3-4 hours of gap in between any two meals, the brain extracts this glucose from healthy and strong muscles. If this is a regular phenomenon in our daily routine we end up with any or all of the above-mentioned symptoms. Simple example – you left your house in the morning after having a cup of coffee and in the busy morning schedule you could manage to have your lunch only by 3 pm. As soon as you finish your lunch you feel sleepy and drowsy and then crave for a chocolate or tea or coffee or ice cream or may be a cigarette. Why??? Because right from the time you woke up the body is using fuel for all the physical and mental activities you have been carrying out, but you missed out on fueling your body with food before starting your day. The body got food at 3 pm and the brain has to start working on providing energy for the digestion process after that late and heavy meal. In this situation the supply of fuel to the brain gets compromised and it starts craving for either complete rest or some pleasure stimulating foods so that it can perform its functions.

Many such lifestyle hazards lead us to conditions mentioned in the list above. Food is not just calories. Or something to fill our stomach with. Food is nourishment, it is fuel, it is the life of each and every cell with which our body is made up of. Respecting our body means respecting ourselves before expecting others to respect us. And a malnourished body is not a body which is respected. It is a body, which is misused and abused. At the above listed level of symptoms the body is just giving us warning signals. The red light is flickering and indicating that it needs to be attended to. In order to extract energy from the food we eat, we also need a lot of oxygen. In a situation where oxygen consumption is compromised, the body goes through a trauma. The damage thus created leads to more serious medical problems. Oxygen is everywhere, then how do we land up in an oxygen-compromised situation? Whenever we are under any kind of stress – it may be stress of driving your car or anxiety of an exam or a competition, or the stress while shouting at a cab driver for over charging you for that unexpected extra kilometer he drove you to. Any condition which is unforeseen and has to be dealt with an anxiety related mind frame can also be stress. In these situations, our heart rate increases and we breathe faster thus reducing the supply of oxygen to our body for its activities. This can lead to a lot of damage to the cells and invite trouble.

The Solution

Eat right, Exercise regularly, Rest enough, Bust out stress, Oxygenate the body.

Benefits of Exercise

More Energy, Low Body Fat, Strong Muscles and Bones, Strong Heart, Anti-Ageing effect, Acts as anti-depressant, Prevention of Medical Problems.

Benefits of Oxygen for Exercise

Better Stamina, Improved Cardiovascular Fitness, Ideal Body Fat Percentage, Less Soreness, More Alertness, Better Memory, Healthy Bones and Muscles, Optimum Drive For Life.

Benefits of Oxygen for Internal Organs

Improved Concentration, Mental Relaxation, Better Heart Function, Better Immunity, Improved Digestion, Faster Recovery from Fatigue and Exercise, Improved Performance – Physical And Mental


Well nourished, well exercised, well rested, well oxygenated cells and tissues utilize nutrition efficiently and can function at their best, resulting in freedom from all health issues and optimum fitness levels leading to best quality of life.

Get freedom from all health related issues to perform at your best!

Sveta Bhassin

Sveta Bhassin is a clinical and sports nutrition consultant with 22 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. Extremely passionate about the profession, her expertise lies is nutrition based lifestyle modifications focusing on individualized requirements and fitness goals. She is a Guest Contributor with LifeBeyondNumbers.

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