Want to look cool? He will help you with that! Want to make yourself part of the crime scene? He can do that as well.

But, have you heard the phrase- “Be careful what you wish for”?

Everything is fine when you request this Photoshop Genie to photoshop your picture, except the fact that he takes tweeples’ requests too literally. And the results? Well, check it out yourself because most of them go hilariously wrong.

The deliberate photoshop fails will keep you LOLing throughout the day and just in case you feel lazy to scroll down- let us give you a hint, a woman asked him to make her legs long for her boyfriend (as he only like long legs), so all she got was her face and legs in the photo, with Miss Legs sash around her, which will surely blow away her boyfriend’s mind!

Also, if you ask him to photoshop your face and put it underwater, you just might find yourself in a washing machine.

When it comes to manipulating pictures, James Fridman is no less than a God in the photoshop world. You will obviously get what you wish for but, with a sarcastic twist.