Looking back, three things I would do differently!

Well, this is a very difficult question to answer – I’ve given it a lot of thought and realized I love my life and there’s really isn’t much I would do differently. However, there are things that I didn’t do and would love to do if I could turn back time 🙂

1. Started A Business In High School

I love running a business, I love the challenge, I love all the risks it involves and I love that every day is a brand new day. My only regret: why didn’t I do this earlier?

kanika-tekriwal-jetsetgoHigh school wouldn’t have been a bad time to start off – a degree, a 3 year diploma and an MBA didn’t teach me as much or been half as exciting as running my own company. Thankfully I was working through them all alongside else I would’ve probably started a business much later! When I look back I was always entrepreneurial and very curious even at a young age. I thrived on barter and always ensured I got a good deal (much to my mother’s dismay). I learnt how a bad deal could harm you at a very young age when in the 4th grade (in boarding school) I exchanged my very fancy big fat stuff toy for a set of 4 fascinating pens since I thought the pens had more use to me.

       What is this enterprising Jetsetter up to these days?

The loss of the deal struck me much later and led to many months of regret and feeling cheated but I didn’t go back on the barter. If I had started setting up companies much earlier – I would have probably been much bigger today. Such a waste of skill!

2. Exercised And Played More Sport

I love running, squash and golf but in retrospect I don’t think I’ve done any of it as much as I would want to. Business meetings, social obligations etc. always seem to take priority over that planned early morning run or round of squash. So much so I am not half as good at these sports as I used to be. The last marathon I ran could have been done in much much better timing but I gave it all of two days of very little or no practice. I am glad I am answering these questions right now – I need to incorporate certain changes in my lifestyle and get on top of the game!

3. Applied To A 9-5 Desk Job (for a month maybe!)

I have never ever applied for a job or given a job interview in my life! The 3 different roles I have held have all literally fallen into my lap out of the blue with employers suggesting why don’t I join them. I’ve never faced that fear of perhaps being rejected or what am I going to be asked etc.

All my roles in the past have been very dynamic roles full of travelling, meetings, being available 24*7 irrespective of where I am working from etc. I’ve never actually had to sit at a desk and work or prepare for an interview. It almost feels like alien territory to me and I wish I had done it at some time just to know what it feels like. Doing it now or in the future seems pretty out of question but I am sure it would have been worth giving a shot just to see how long I survive if nothing else!

There you go! Writing this article has made me realize I need to tweak a few things around. Never too late, is it!

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