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A woman’s life is as complicated as their anatomy. No!! It is not just about being worked up about how we look, how we dress up or if our eyeliner is perfect. It is more than all this.

Being a woman, you are expected to be a good daughter(be back home by 6:00 p.m. Beta!!), good sister(give your Bhai a glass of water), good girlfriend (honey, she is just a friend), good wife(baby, please listen to Mumma), good daughter-in-law(you know na how to cook?), great mother(I do not feel like eating, you eat this piece of cake beta). But why all these expectations are from women? Why do we have to mold ourselves into a particular shape and form and manner? Why people point fingers at us when we do not follow the norms and expectations set by others? 

There are many among us who want to live free, who dare to live free but for what, to be called demeaning names? When we try to live up to the standards of beauty set by our society, we have to face backlashes about “ohh, kitna makeup lagaya hai“, “Look at her, what is she trying to prove with that dress?” When we wear a saree that flaunts our midriffs in glory, we are considered to be oh-so-sanskari because it is up to society’s standards; but if we wear a crop top, aunties flaunting their tummies come up saying “Haye tauba!! Iss ladki me toh sharam hi nahi hai“. Why these double standards even among women? 

life of a woman

Forget about men ogling and commenting, we ourselves do not spare each other even after being from the same gender. Being a woman, we know how it feels when in any manner we have to face backlashes, then why to let other women go through the same. We, women, all know what it is to be a woman. 

As a woman you are not just there handling your professional lives, you have to handle your house, you need to keep it clean because people, especially we women are there to comment. We have to cook every day because cooking is expected to be a girl’s job. We have to get our kids ready for school because their papa has no time other than to get ready for their office, and oh, kids are just their mother’s responsibility. We have to be presentable in our offices and of course on time as well. We have to be back home on time, because hello! we have to cook again. This is just a brief summary of a single day schedule of a woman. 

We have to go through period pain, through pregnancy problems, and even then we are expected to do all the chores, be our best at every place and when we fail to do so, we are mocked by people of our same gender. This is not going to make our condition better in this society. 

We need to stand together, by the side of each other, rather than commenting and taunting each other. If we actually cannot be each other’s savior, then we are just putting ourselves forth for more of humiliation. It’s time we understand the girl code and not break it. It’s time we understand that we all are same and share, more or less, the same story. 

This is for every woman out there, stop bitching about each other because if we cannot stand by each other, how can we expect it from others who do not even know what it is to be a woman, what’s the life of a woman or how we all try our best to manage our lives. 

It is okay if a girl wants to go out late at night, it is okay if she wears short dresses, or if she has a boyfriend or whatever she does with her life. Let’s not get nasty and try to cease a woman’s freedom by our demeaning comments because somewhere deep within us, we all know how it feels to be restricted. Let’s not restrict other women.

Let’s start to live! 

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