In a world where stress seems to be your constant companion, the only thing you vouch for is a healthy living, which means healthy habits, proper eating habits, working out regularly, ample amount of sleep and proper hydration throughout the day. But it seems that in the process of adopting a healthy lifestyle, you have taken on a few habits which are not very beneficial for you, rather they do more harm to the body than you can imagine. In the garb of living healthy, you do these mistakes that you need to change as soon as possible.

good habits not good

In the garb of living healthy, we do these mistakes that we need to change as soon as possible.

1. A warm up jog to start your workout session

Everyone warms up before starting on a workout session, and most of us do spot jogging or light jogging for warming up. While jogging is great for your body, but it is recommended not to start your workout session with jogging. Dynamic stretches that focus on every core muscle of your body is more likely to warm you up better for an intense workout.

2. Eating proteins, more than required

Every person who works out swears by his protein because we all know how important that is for the body. But most of us have no idea where to stop and we end up consuming more protein than what the body needs. Excess protein flushes all your hard work down the gutter. It leads to dehydration and urinary loss of calcium, and also leads to weight gain when consumed in excess.

So henceforth plan your protein intake wisely.

3. Drinking more than 3-4 liters of water a day

While it is true that every individual’s body is different and so are the needs, but on an average, it is advised to drink 3-4 liters of water every day. There are many people who cross this limit and drink more water than required. That bloats you up and eventually results in digestion problems, obesity, and skin problems.

4. Compensating for the lack of sleep throughout the week by sleeping extra on the weekends

And that’s what most of our schedules look like, right? Working throughout the week, sometimes working late night, having to get up early in the morning and rush to work. This way we compromise on our sleep but make up for it by sleeping throughout the day on weekends. Needless to say, we all know how harmful this is.

Just like lack of sleep isn’t good for the body, so is an excess of sleep.

5. Excess work out

And we all know someone who does this, right? Thinking that the more we work out, the more effective it will turn out to be. That is absolutely wrong. While regular exercise is beneficial for the body in ways more than one, but overdoing it puts your heart at risk and might lead to a number of heart diseases.

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