In most of the health & wellness advertising campaigns, we see two words being used very extensively as the golden term for physical well being: WEIGHT LOSS. It has come to a point where people commonly believe that losing weight from their bodies is the ultimate fitness goal without even knowing what weight loss actually means. So let’s try and understand the term Weight Loss and its effects on the human body, and the difference between weight loss and fat loss. As a matter of fact, weight loss is very harmful for you. Here’s how:


Weight of our bodies is comprised of muscles, bones, fluids and stored body fat among other things. So, when we say weight loss, we generalize the loss from the total weight of the body including muscles, bones, body fluids, etc. And these things are very crucial to good health. Body Fat is unwanted and very harmful.

We all know that more than 70% of our body is water. Fat is lighter than water which we all know from the 6th standard science experiment – oil floats on water. This means simply losing weight on the weighing scale is actually the loss of precious tissues like muscle, bone density, body fluids, etc. which are heavier entities than body fat. Fat is light, and pure fat loss will never reflect as drastic weight loss.

Generally, going on crash diets where one literally starves and does excessive cardiovascular exercises like running or low-intensity strength training, can result in loss of kilos/pounds on the weighing scale. However, in such a case, one is losing out on precious and important tissues like muscle, bone, and water. Since fat is way lighter than muscles, bones and even water, a dramatic loss in weight is nothing but loss of muscle and other body fluids, and could even be loss of bone density. That’s why we see many people dropping weight on the scale but still looking flabby and soft, but not toned up.

From the above statements, the stark difference between the seemingly identical terms of weight loss and fat loss can be understood. Losing stored fat from the body is what one should be aiming for and not merely a lower number shown on the weighing scale.

Thus, the correct fitness goal is to lose FAT and not weight. Fat loss is about the loss of inches around the body which results in a firm, tight and toned appearance. And for that, the good old mirror and measuring tape at our homes are the best tools to be used as body fat analyzers. They won’t lie to you in terms of your body composition. So, keep your eyes off the weighing scale and start looking at the mirror for real and beneficial results.

Myth Busted:

Weight Loss and Fat Loss are not the same. Weight Loss is harmful and Fat Loss is healthy.

Takeaway points:

  • Fat loss = Inch loss and toned appearance.
  • Weight loss = Loss of precious tissues that are crucial for good health.
  • Mere weight loss as a healthy fitness goal is a myth. Aim for Fat Loss.
  • A tighter & toned body, lesser in circumference that feels strong is always better than the one which is skinny and weak.

If you exercise regularly, eat right(not less) and rest well, fat loss itself will find its way to you.