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Here we are! Finally just finished the end of another intriguing year in our lives. I hope you all embraced 2015 with positivity and ebullience.

With each passing year we are growing and of-course constantly changing. With every passing year we find ourselves committing to tweak ourselves into something different, something we are not. 31st December is the most pertinent time for such evaluations, a period of self appraisals. With the advent of an untold year, we feel the promise of change and the freedom to mold things to our benefit. Thus, we arrive at making utopian resolutions.

Yeah!! “Utopian Resolutions”! A state where we tend our lives towards perfection. But why? Is it so necessary to be perfect? We make such resolutions to achieve what we are not. On a sanguine note, it is good that we know we are not that perfect. At least we are modest enough to own up, that we need tweaking.

New Year Resolutions

Why wait for the new year to bring change?

Not everybody on this pretentious planet believes in the concept of new year resolutions. Some people cynically think it is shallow to make such resolutions which we eventually break. They feel it is not that easy to change in a day, for changes are gradual and not instant. It is pretty pointless waiting till the end of a year to decide things which you ought to do as soon as possible. It is just the lack of commitment that makes it seem like a resolution at the stroke of midnight will make all the difference.

But for the hopefuls, the “new year” is not only the beginning of another pristine year with 365 days but also a beginning of new hope; a new set of 365 days and another chance to achieve what could not be in the year gone by. A time when new goals can be set, with new thresholds and new limits.

So what is a typical set of resolutions like? The list includes anything from so insignificant like ‘writing a dairy’ to decisions like ‘quit smoking’. Most years see people make the same kind of resolutions like:

1. Lose weight: The growing superficiality in our society pushes many to want to change their physical self, of course with the effort to adapt their body to look like what is universally considered beautiful.
2. Save money: Everyone is working towards a healthy bank of vitamin M.
3. Detoxing the mind: Draining out the clutter from life, in the mental and physical state.
4. Quit that bad habit: Hundreds of people each year resolve to get rid of that dreaded bad habit. This could be smoking, binge eating or even a relationship that is going toxic.
5. Charity: For the more evolved lot, sharing goes a long way.
6. Sleep – eat – repeat: Like they say- “early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.
7. The lists : To-do lists; bucket lists, new year’s is a great time to start making those lists.

Set your own goals. Be your own judge.

Whatever your resolution is, it is more important to follow your heart and set achievable goals. Don’t be too hard on yourself as each year brings with it challenges and rewards of its own. Set your own targets. Resolutions should never be decided by what others expect but by what you really want. Stay committed. Resolve acts like the rocket boosters on the space shuttle which gives you the initial spurt of energy to get going but the continuous source of fuel is commitment. So just take a deep breath, pump yourself with confidence and chase your dreams. If you miss 31st December, don’t worry you still have over 300 great days left!

All the very best and a Happy New Year friends!!!