A pair of men’s Nike shoes which is usually priced at about $160 is selling for $4,000. Why? Because a Brooklyn based brand has filled it with Holy water and is calling the sneakers “Jesus shoes”.

No doubt it was sold out in minutes shortly after its debut.

Holy Nike Shoes

Holy Nike Shoes

If you wear this, it will be literally like walking on holy water, which was drawn from River Jordan. This customized and limited edition of Nike Shoes was selling as Biblical MSCHF x INRI Air Max 97”.

CEO of MSCHF, Gabriel Whaley took it to Twitter to share the news. He wrote- “Today we dropped the MSCHF X INRI Jesus Shoe. White Nike Air Max 97’s with 60cc of holy water from the River Jordan in the sole. Walk on water.”

According to a media outlet, this brand has customized less than two dozen of shoes and Whaley has hinted at a “second coming” in the future.

If you check the soul of this pair of shoes, you will see colored holy water inside an inflated section on the sole of the shoe and according to a Daily Mail report. Each pair has been blessed by a priest.

There is more to this one.

The shoes also have Bible verse Matthew 14:25 mentioned on it which describes Jesus walking on the water, mentioned Fox News report. Also, a crucifix is hanging at the laces and is frankincense-scented.

Daniel Greenberg, who is the head of commerce told the New York Post that the “Jesus shoes” was this brand’s attempt to mock the culture of collaboration. In an interview, he said, “We thought of that Arizona Iced Tea and Adidas collab, where they were selling shoes that [advertised] a beverage company that sells iced tea at bodegas.