While the national capital of India is turning into a gas chamber and people are shocked and alarmed because of the air quality, these funny yet sad pictures by a twitterati will make you wonder about the current status of Delhi.

The renaming of these streets are damn funny had it not been addressed to a grave issue but the post has gone viral and it has caught the attention of Congress leader Shashi Tharoor as well.

Twisting the names of Delhi’s popular streets- Hauz Khas to Haze Khas, Lutyen’s Delhi becomes Pollutyen’s Delhi, Red Fort changes to Grey Fort, Chandni Chowk transforms into Chandni Choke and Dhaula Kuan converts to Dhua Kuan– these green road-signs creative first appeared on Facebook earlier this month.

The post soon became viral and Delhiites have a lot to say about the “Deadly Delhi”

While all eyes were fixed on Delhi, recently Kolkata emerged as the most polluted city in India!