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It is beyond doubt that dogs have mastered the science of cuteness and turns out that our furry friends are intelligent too. In a viral clip that is melting hearts online, a street dog in Istanbul is seen entering the pharmacy after injuring his paw.

This heart-warming video has made netizens quite emotional and was shared on Twitter by Banu Cengiz, who is a pharmacist in Turkey. In this cute clip, she is seen to be rushing towards the stray dog to help her with a bowl of water once the canine is seen to enter the pharmacy. To this, the dog responds by giving her its injured paw. Also, while attending to its wounds, the pharmacist comforts the dog. Viewed over 1 million times, this one will surely melt your heart.

Apart from being a pharmacist, Cengiz is an animal lover too. Before this kind act, she has also provided beds to the stray dogs inside the pharmacy so that they can rest and feel safe.

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The world needs more people like them.