While numerous stories have been written about India’s obsession with marks, here is a supermom who has successfully saved her children from the bizarre rat race of marks.

A resident of New Delhi, Vandana Katoch’s son Aamer scored 60% marks in the 2019 CBSE Class 10 board exams. At a time when students score 99.9%, there are many who fails to stand up to the expectations of their family members.

However, to Aamer’s achievement and the efforts that he has put in beyond his hardship at mastering the subjects, this proud mother Vandana Katoch in a beautiful Facebook post writes-

Super proud of my boy who scored a 60% in Class 10 board exams. Yes, it is not a 90, but that doesn’t change how I feel. Simply because I have seen him struggle with certain subjects almost to the point of giving up, and then deciding to give his all in the last month-and-a-half to finally make it through! Here’s to you, Aamer. And others like you – fishes asked to climb trees. Chart your own course in the big, wide ocean, my love. And keep your innate goodness, curiosity, and wisdom alive. And of course, your wicked sense of humor!

This positive and extremely sweet message by Katoch has become viral and has garnered 11k lines and 5.9k shares.

While the mother’s refreshingly novel take on the examination results will inspire many parents to have a different approach, the internet is in complete aww of her and has praised her for being a cool mom.

Well, every year numerous students commit suicides not because of failing grades but it affects them tremendously when parents react in such circumstances or create a big scene out of it. Why can’t we parents learn how to respond beautifully in such difficult situations- Accept the situation, appreciate their effort and encourage them to score better next time?

Break away from the toxic examination culture that has been going on in this country for decades and which stops us to celebrate anything less than 90 percent. While the media provides too much limelight to the toppers, can we also share the stories of the children who cannot score well put their heart and soul into it, while they prep up for their exams?

Help your children to understand that education is for increasing the horizon of their knowledge and that running after marks is not a very healthy idea. Also, your child’s report card is not their identity.

So, at least now can we say celebrating anything less than 90 percent is also normal?