Germany is a country of persnickety bankers, credible manufacturers, and masters of brewing. We all have heard about its glorious sights too – Brandenburg Gates, Cologne Cathedral, Berlin wall, etc. This country is not terra incognita any more. While looking at fly radar, you can see dozens of boards, moving to Germany from around the world. However, Germany holds in store some little-known but great attractions.

1. The most massive monument in Europe



In 1813, the united army of Austria, Prussia, Sweden, and Russia fought with Napoleon’s army under Leipzig. About half a million soldiers took part in the battle from both parties. Moreover, it remained the largest in history until the First World War. “The Monument to the Battle of the Nations” was opened in Leipzig on the centenary of this battle. Its height is 298.5 ft., and it is necessary to overcome more than 500 steps to reach the top survey platform. There is the Hall of the Glory with a few sculptural compositions inside the monument.

2. The most beautiful castle in Germany

castle image


Eltz Palace was constructed in the XII century. It is located on the rock that rises above the district. It was lucky to stay away from all the large conflicts on the territory of Europe and to preserve its old look. Eltz’s family has been owning the castle for 800 years already. The current holder opened its gates for the tourists. Every year from April 1 up to November 1, one guided tour a day is offered.

3. The Porsche Museum in Stuttgart

museum pic


The Porsche Museum was opened in 1976 and performs more than 450 exhibits today. The visitors will only see the most famous motor cars ever produced but also learn the secrets about their success and durability.

4. Broken Mountain


The height of this mountain is 3743.4 ft.; it is located on the territory of Saxony-Anhalt. Legend says that the witches arrange Sabbath on the top of this mountain on the Walpurgis Night between April 30 and May 1. Broken’s frequent fogs and its high-altitude accessibility hence the legend about the phantom of the mountain in the dark ages. Many people saw the angelic presence or mysticism in it, but it is just the optical illusion. Light designs shadow through the fog, frequently in the odd triangular because of perspective.

5. “Sleepy Village”


It is located in the center of Germany, in Solband. Until August 2000, it was a common small village, but then all its population seemed to be exposed to the unknown nature. Nobody spills before 10 AM here. All the domestic animals are entirely solidary with their owners in this question – you could have heard a pin drop up to 10 AM. Neither dogs barking nor cows mooing, do even roosters not wish to work as the alarm clock.

The scientists sampled the air, however, any unusual substances were not found in it. Many researchers try to solve the riddle of “sleepy village” but vainly for now.

So, don’t take much time to think and start exploring remote locations of Germany, the native land of Goethe and Thomas Mann, Albert Einstein and Schiller, as well as Angela Merkel, Michael Schumacher, and Karl Lagerfeld.