If you are the one who dreams of traveling, and the outdoors is your passion, your regular job may be a dampener. You struggle to find a way out of the routine rigmarole but aren’t sure whether there’s a suitable calling out there that would pay while you get to travel.

You would have read through a score of articles online that has an exciting list of ten or twenty jobs that would help you live your dreams. However, you are still stuck as you are the one who would love your career also to revolve around travel. Working as a freelancer, an au pair, a traveling nurse, a travel blog writer, a volunteer, a trainer, online tutor by joining a tuition agency are some of the common jobs you can do while exploring the world. If you are looking for an exciting one, then there are options for you.

You would be amazed to know that there are some amazing options if you would really want a travel career.

1. Help Build Travel Products

There are travel companies out there who would love to have you on board. They scout for people who can create extraordinary trips for their clientele. Products that are fueled by passion, a desire to show people what amazing things a place has in store for them. Inspiring holidays aren’t just about knowing a place and things to do or places to stay at, but being imaginative, of being able to help people get a real feel for the place. You could bring your skills in client management, communication and interpersonal skills, expertise in vendor management, commercial astuteness, and product promotion and administration to build and manage wonderful holidays. And since your products revolve around destinations, you get to visit those places and curate the authentic experiences for your clientele.

2. Be A Travel Advisor

If you haven’t explored this option, just log on to one of the well-known job portals and search for “travel advisor”. The demand far outstrips the available pool of knowledgeable people. Whether you are a student or a retired professional, an advisory role offers many exciting frontiers to you. You get to choose your niche, the one you are most passionate about. Are you an expert on airports, can you help people choose the best lounges out there when they have a layover before their next flight? Are you an expert on the best connections between two destinations or can offer crucial advice on when is the best time to arrive in a city?

Put your knowledge of destinations and travel experiences to use to counsel travelers, to offer them insider knowledge about the best upgrade options or maybe the best rewards programs. If your previous professional engagement has seen you traveling on business, you are an invaluable resource for the corporate travel industry. You could help them design products that find the best business hotels, help their customers with their broadband and conferencing needs, find the best conference venues, arrange for translators, or offer the best concierge facilities.

The best part is that most of these roles allow you to work remotely. You just need to be available on phone and have a reliable Internet connectivity. So, travel the world, seek out new destinations, and the more expertise you pick up from your travels, the more you are sought after.

3. Monetize Your Travels

Wondering how? Sounds difficult and too abstract, right? Is this advocating building an alternate business that people say make money even when you sleep? It isn’t! It is about being creative. Some of the ones that have been used over and over and where you are likely to face stiff competition are of course travel writing and travel photography. This is not to suggest that you can’t risk pitching that unique travel experience to Nat Geo Traveler or put up some of your wonderful photographs for sale. But, there are other unique opportunities out there.

Remember, we all pick up those small souvenirs on our travels. The colorful, hand-woven scarf, or that sculpted horse made of wood, the amazing tea-cup sets from your trip to Tibet? Bought locally, they are cheap and you might have even driven a good bargain. Know that if that small piece was attractive to you, it is very likely that you have a captive audience back home. You could sell that wonderful piece you picked up for maybe seventy pence at a cool fifteen dollars back home! How’s that for a cool profit and some extra cash in your pocket? Or, how about investing some money in timeshares or renting out your vacation property? Your rents could finance your travels for your entire life and still have that little extra to save for the rainy day!

Let your imagination run and you could find several innovative ways to monetize your passion.

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